Expressive Activity
A non-College sponsored event or activity where individuals engage in speaking, literature distribution, poster or sign displays, petitioning, and similar non-commercial activities at outdoor locations.


  1. College campuses are inherently a marketplace of ideas, and Penn College encourages and protects the rights of members of the College community to express divergent viewpoints and opinions on matters of concern. At the same time, the College expects that persons engaging in expressive activity will demonstrate civility, concern for the safety of persons and property, respect for College activities and for those who may disagree with their message, and will comply with College policies, procedures and guidelines. The purpose of this policy is to provide for expressive activity to be conducted on the grounds of the College in a manner consistent with these principles.
  2. Students, faculty, staff and others who wish to engage in expressive activities on College property may do so at locations specifically approved by the College. Normally, such activities will take place at the Madigan Library north patio, the Klump Academic Center south patio, or the Thompson Professional Development Center south lawn.
  3. Individuals or groups desiring to reserve space for an expressive activity may do so by contacting the Chief Student Affairs Officer.
  4. Reservation of the above-referenced location is subject to the following terms and conditions:
    1. Expressive activities are generally held between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
    2. A group typically may reserve a location no more than one day during each calendar week.
    3. Reservations should be requested in a timely manner (typically at least 24 hours in advance), and the request must be presented in writing.
    4. Reservations by student groups will be given priority over non-student groups.
    5. Exceptions to these terms and conditions can be made through a request to the Chief Student Affairs Officer.
  5. Expressive activities should not substantially interfere with the educational environment, disrupt the function of the College, or incite an immediate breach of peace. Specifically, expressive activities must be consistent with the following:
    1. Sound amplification equipment is prohibited.
    2. Pedestrian or vehicular traffic may not be impeded in any fashion.
    3. Activities may not interfere with classrooms, offices, or other College facilities or activities.
    4. Damage or destruction of property is prohibited.
    5. Flashing or rotating lights and illuminated signs may not be used.
    6. Signs must be hand-held and not affixed to the grounds or to College structures.
    7. Papers, pamphlets, and similar material must be distributed in person.
    8. Placing or erecting structures is prohibited.
  6. Expressive activities that are not conducted consistent with this policy may be subject to immediate termination by the College.