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Student organizations are formed around vocational, honorary, community service, special interest, or personal support purposes. Interested groups may seek recognition as approved Penn College organizations by completing the necessary application forms, available by contacting the Office of Student Engagement at

Honor Societies

Alpha Chi Honor Society

Alpha Chi is a national honor society for college juniors and seniors. The purpose of Alpha Chi is to promote academic excellence and exemplary character among college students and to honor those who achieve such distinction. As a general honor society, Alpha Chi admits to membership students from all academic disciplines. One of the most elite honors a college student can earn, membership in Alpha Chi is limited to the top 10 percent of the junior and senior classes.

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Pennsylvania Sigma Tau Chapter of Lambda Nu, the National Honor Society of Radiologic and Imaging Sciences

The purpose of the Pennsylvania Sigma Tau Chapter of Lambda Nu, the National Honor Society of Radiologic and Imaging Sciences, is to foster academic scholarship at the highest levels, recognize exemplary scholarship, and foster and promote professional development.

Contact Pennsylvania Sigma Tau Chapter of Lambda Nu, the National Honor Society of Radiologic and Imaging Sciences

Phi Theta Kappa (ΦΘΚ) Honor Society

The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa is to focus upon the Society's Hallmark of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship. Students must maintain a high academic standing throughout their enrollment in a two-year college degree, and Phi Theta Kappa recognizes students for those achievements. Regular Phi Theta Kappa activities include Open House Fundraisers, College and Community service projects, end of the year picnic, ski trip, fun nights and regular organization meetings twice monthly.

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Williamsport Chapter of The Pennsylvania College of Technology of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon Association (WCUPE) Honor Society

The mission of the WCUPE honor society is to promote excellence in computing practices and to recognize excellence in service, leadership, and scholarship in Information Technology.

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Fraternity & Sorority Life

Phi Mu Delta Fraternity

Phi Mu Delta's Creed:
I Believe in Democracy... a democracy characterized by the practice of justice in every relation of life. I hold that justice is the foremost principle to be considered in making my decisions as a voting member of Phi Mu Delta, the student body, and as a citizen of the United States. I believe in that broad conception of democracy which seeks freedom of opportunity, and recognizes no color, race, creed, or position.

I Believe in Service... service to the college; service to every group organized for the common good; service to the individual. I believe service defined in the terms of voluntary sacrifice for the welfare of those with whom I come in contact.

I Believe in Brotherhood... Brotherhood that reaches beyond the limits of Phi Mu Delta and welcomes every man as my Brother. I believe in the intrinsic worth of the man at my side, and in his ability to make good and justify my faith in him. I hold these beliefs as my profound conviction, and I pledge my fellow men to live up to them to the best of my ability.

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Sigma Pi Fraternity

Sigma Pi's Creed:
I believe in Sigma Pi, a Fellowship of kindred minds, united in Brotherhood to advance Truth and Justice, to promote Scholarship, to encourage Chivalry, to diffuse Culture, and to develop Character, in the Service of God and Man; and I will strive to make real the Fraternity's ideals in my own daily life.

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Theta Phi Alpha Sorority

Theta Phi Alpha is a national women’s social fraternity, and is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference. The mission of Theta Phi Alpha encompasses far more than providing a social network for college women. For more than 100 years, the sisters of Theta Phi Alpha have maintained a history rich in educational excellence, professional achievement, and a deep commitment to social service. It is the sorority’s goal to create close comradeship; to advance educational, social, and philanthropic interests; to encourage spiritual development and adherence to the highest moral standards; and to promote the lifelong bonds of friendship.

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Spiritual Organizations

Arc Prayer Group

The purpose of Arc Prayer Group is to provide a place where those interested can learn about the lord, Jesus. Arc Prayer Group’s goal is to reach out to those in need and to provide a place for those seeking help by praying for and supporting individuals.

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Campus Ministry International (CMI)

The purpose of CMI is to provide in-depth study of scripture while setting up programs & services to encourage and maintain spiritual awareness. Alpha Omega CMI endeavors to see students not merely survive, but thrive spiritually.

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The purpose of Campus Crusade for Christ is to glorify God through actions and meetings as well as to bring more students to know Jesus as their Savior. Regular Campus Crusade for Christ activities include weekly large group meetings as well as weekly Bible studies.

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United Campus Ministry (UCM)

The United Campus Ministry is a ministry of presence that supports worship, Christian fellowship, pastoral care, spiritual growth, faith discussions amnd volunteer service. THE UCM also provides a link between the students of PCT and the churches of Lycoming County.

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Social Clubs

Gamers' Guild

Members of the Gamers’ Guild are enthusiasts for various hobby games, including pencil and paper role-playing, collectible card games, and strategy games. Meetings are held regularly to discuss various topics of interest to the hobby-gamer community, and to teach new members the way of the games. The Gamers’ Guild also hosts a variety of games throughout the semester.

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PCT 4x4 Club

PCT 4X4 is a group of students from The Pennsylvania College of Technology who share a common interest in off-road vehicles. PCT 4X4 does not discriminate and welcomes all who share our interests regardless of the type of vehicle you drive.

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The mission of the PCT AERO Club is to create a friendly and wholesome environment for learning and sharing in the field of Aeronautics, including Aviation, Space, and Radio Control/Modelling.

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Penn College Classic Cruisers

The purpose is to promote interest in and preservation of antique and modified automobiles along with education, good sportsmanship, and fellowship among members. The organization's goals are to work with the Penn College Student Body and Affiliates as a club to promote and expand knowledge of the automotive hobby among its members and the community. The club will assist charitable organizations.

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Penn College Motorsports Association (PCMA)

The Motorsports Association is a club for any students interested any form of motorsports. Members learn about motorsports of all ranges and aftermarket tuning aspects of the entire automotive industry. The club activities offer members exclusive exposure to the racing industry with tours of performance shops and opportunities to test their driving ability by participating in track days, autocross and other driver skill events.

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Penn College Pep Band

The Penn College Pep Band is looking for students with experience playing brass, woodwind and percussion instruments who would like to continue playing at the college level. The Pep Band’s goal is to spread school spirit through the love of music at Penn College events.

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Ski and Snowboard Club

PCT Ski & Snowboard club brings students with an interest in snow sports together. The organization  takes ski trips to local mountains throughout the area and instructs new members on proper skiing and snowboarding techniques. In addition, the organization strives to create an environment where students can learn a skill that will enrich their lives. The Ski and Snowboard Club takes biweekly trips to Jack Frost and Big boulder in the Poconos and other trips as student interest determines. All students who share a passion for skiing or snowboarding are encouraged to attend a meeting.

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Society of Inventors and Mad Scientists (SIMS)

SIMS supports the creative design of products, systems and environments. This organization encourages innovation, creation, wonderment and fun in pursuit of whimsy and functionality through the active participation in design competitions, events, and projects.

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Student Wildcats of Robotic Design (SWORD)

SWORD has been established for the purpose of allowing students to learn and enhance valuable skills in design and manufacturing situations, project management, business presentations, graphics and web design, and computer applications. This is done by building a vehicle to compete in a Design Series competition. The Pennsylvania College of Technology SWORD also acts to increase networking opportunities for students as well as professionals in the Williamsport area.

Furthermore, it is the focus of this society to commit to the following:

  • Extend education beyond the typical classroom format.
  • Provide a learning environment where all are able to express their thoughts and ideas and encourages the education of those involved.
  • Development of members into good employees and encourage thinking for themselves.
  • Provide an environment where new ideas can be synthesized with old concepts.
  • Maintain professionalism in dealings with others; both within and outside of the organization.
  • Encourage academic success of members.
  • Develop working relationships with those in various industries in order to encourage potential employment of our members.

*No Activities or functions of the organization will conflict with the Penn College mission statement or any College Policy or regulation.

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Wildcat Online Gaming Association (WOGA)

The purpose of the Wildcat Online Gaming Association (WOGA) is to create a community of players that exist on campus and to build their understanding of the game and team-oriented play.

Contact Wildcat Online Gaming Association (WOGA)

Special Mission

Black Student Union (BSU)

The goal of the Black Student Union (BSU) is to provide a safe, supportive space for Black students to express themselves, their needs, and concerns, as well as to provide an open space for all students to receive Black culture education.

Contact Black Student Union

Greek Senate

The two recognized fraternities (Phi Mu Delta and Sigma Pi) at Penn College are members of the Greek Senate. The purpose of the Greek Senate is to advocate, collaborate, and educate on behalf of the fraternity community. The group meets bi-weekly to discuss and promote partnerships between its members; student organizations as well as students, faculty, staff, and the local community.

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Non-Traditional Student Organization (NTSO)

The purpose of the Non-Traditional Student Organization is to provide academic, social, and professional support for non-traditional students to make the transition to college easier.

Contact NTSO

One World Club

The purpose of One World Club is to promote diversity, cultural awareness, and give support to the campus community regarding multicultural/intersectional issues. The club’s goal is to build relationships and establish a broader community within the College.

Contact One World Club

PC Alliance

The purpose of PC Alliance is to improve the visibility, strength, and support of the Penn College lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, and allies (LGBTQA) communities through an educational and social environment. Students who identify themselves as LGBTQ are enabled to interact with other individuals who share like identities in a positive, comfortable, and confidential atmosphere.
Regular Alliance activities include weekly meetings, educational/social events, and an annual LGBT networking conference with peers and leaders in various industries.

Visit PC Alliance
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Penn College Benefiting THON

Penn College Benefiting THON is a student fundraising organization affiliated with Penn State  Dance Marathon (THON). We are committed to raise money and awareness in an effort to conquer pediatric cancer. Our mission is to help provide support, emotionally and financially, to kids and families affected by this disease.

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Penn College Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)

The mission of the Penn College Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) is to enhance the total intercollegiate student athlete experience by promoting opportunities for all student athletes; focusing on protecting the welfare of student athletes and fostering a positive student athlete image on campus and in the community.

Contact Penn College Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)

Student Government Association (SGA)

The purpose of the Student Government Association is to improve the quality of students' academic, professional, social, and personal development while serving as the democratic voice on campus and as a liaison between the student body and the faculty, staff and administration. SGA advocates the incorporation of student views and opinions in the formulation of policies and procedures governing Penn College as well as promotes and funds student-initiated academic, professional, personal development and social programs.
Regular Student Government Association activities include Senate meetings, the annual Student Leadership Conference, canned food drive, holiday giving tree, and educational programs.

Contact Student Government Association

Veterans Club

The purpose of the Student Military Veterans Organization is to provide a safe environment for student Veterans to help one another facilitate and acclimate to the transition from military life to the college community.

The Veterans club also hopes to create a positive social network based on fellowship, mentorship, and camaraderie.

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Wildcat Events Board (WEB)

The Wildcat Events Board, more commonly known as WEB, is a student organization that with the help of the Student Activities Office, plans the major events that happen on campus. Whether it is comedians, bands, or even some of our own crazy ideas, WEB plans close 15 events per semester. Members also have an opportunity to attend the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) Conference. WEB is a great way to meet new people and also stay on top of what is going on at Penn College.

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Professional organizations

Accounting Society

The Accounting Society promotes a better understanding and knowledge of the accounting profession through guest lectures, field trips and accounting seminars. The Accounting Society also promotes social interaction of its members with the intent to promote teamwork, interaction with others and professional conduct as demonstrated in the workplace.  The mission of the Accounting Society is to prepare our members for a professional career and to promote awareness of Accounting.

Contact Accounting Society

AIGA Penn College Student Group

AIGA Student Groups offer aspiring design professionals the opportunity to get involved, create a community, and build leadership skills. AIGA encourages students to take the first step in demonstrating a commitment to their professional interests and assisting students to understand the design profession.

Contact AIGA Penn College Student Group

American Welding Society (AWS)

The purpose of the AWS club is to provide the students with an opportunity to work together as a team on club projects and gain exposure to the welding industry through tours of local and nonlocal businesses. These tours afford students the opportunity to see what employment possibilities are available to them. AWS activities include weekly meetings, working in conjunction with the college Student Affairs and SGA to perform community services projects and college functions.

Contact American Welding Society (AWS)

Architecture Club at Penn College (ACPC)

The mission of the Architecture Club at Penn College (ACPC) is to promote excellence in architectural education, training, and practice; to foster an appreciation of architecture and related disciplines; and to organize architecture students and combine their efforts to advance the art and science of the built environment.

Contact Architecture Club at Penn College

Association of Professional Programmers (APP)

Association of Professional Programmers is a club of programming students who get together to discuss current and new technologies and techniques related to computer programming. The purpose of the club is to practice computer programming using a variety of modern concepts, techniques, and languages to expand members' overall knowledge of computer programming and software development. Also to provide an environment that supports the opportunity to connect with people who share a common interest, while helping the community.

Contact Association of Professional Programmers

Baja SAE

To allow students to learn and enhance valuable skills in design and manufacturing situations, project management, business presentations, graphics, web design, and computer applications. This is done by building a vehicle to compete in the baja SAE competition.

Contact Baja SAE

Construction Management Association (CMA)

The purpose of the organization is to give students the chance to meet with other students who share an interest in construction. It also allows students to gain exposure to the industry. Regular activities include weekly meetings, the annual hog bash, tours of job sites, and meetings with leading companies in the construction industry.

Contact Construction Management Association (CMA)

Diesel Performance Technicians Association

The purpose of this association is to expand the learning opportunities and meet other students who share an interest in diesel performance. The club meets regularly to plan activities that will broaden members' understanding of careers in the diesel field and enhance their understanding of the profession. College and community service projects are also coordinated by the membership.

Contact Diesel Performance Technicians Association

Health Information Association (HIA)

The Health Information Association is an active organization made up of students in enrolled in one of Penn College’s Health Information programs (Certified Coding Specialist, Health Information Technology, or Health Information Management).  The club hosts social and educational events, such as visitng the Bodies Exhibit.

Contact Health Information Association (HIA)

Horticulture Technicians’ Association – National Association of Landscape Professionals Student Chapter

The purpose of the Horticulture Club is to promote and advance the field of horticulture through its members by giving back to the school and community. A practical experience in the field and exposure to the industry through out of the classroom experiences and sharing of knowledge between members is what the Horticulture Club is all about. This club is a student chapter of the NALP, an international association serving industry professionals. Regular Horticulture Club activities include community and college service projects, fund-raising projects, interscholastic competitions, and social club gatherings.

Contact Horticulture Technicians' Association

Hospitality Connections Club (HCC)

he primary purpose of the Hospitality Connections Club is to give Penn College students valuable insight into the operation and/or ownership of a successful businesses, along with learning and experimenting with new culinary techniques and technologies.

Contact Hospitality Connections Club (HCC)

Information Security Association

The Information Security Association is the student IT security club at Penn College. It stresses the importance of security to networking, programming, and security majors, as well as any other PCT students interested in learning more about IT security. Members learn about topics such as network defense, pentesting, OSINT, social engineering, scams, physical security, secure development, cloud computing, online privacy, digital rights, and more. ISA participates in competitions, attends conferences, and holds study groups for industry certifications; as well as hands-on demonstrations and conversations with industry professionals.

Contact Information Security Association

Institute of Electronics & Electrical Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE members are engineers, scientists and allied professionals whose technical interests are rooted in electrical and computer sciences, engineering and related disciplines. There are more than 400,000 IEEE members in over 160 countries around the world, including more than 100,000 student members in 1,855 student branches at colleges and universities in 80 countries. The Penn College IEEE Student Branch meets regularly to work on professional “soft” skills, projects and leadership.

Contact Institute of Electronics & Electrical Engineers (IEEE)

Medical Imaging Club

The purpose of this organization is to allow radiography students an opportunity to enhance their ability to be better medical imaging professionals by interacting with peers and the public, thereby enriching their college experience while pursuing their degree in the Radiography major.

Contact Medical Imaging Club

Occupational Therapy Assistant Club (OTA)

The purpose of the Student Occupational Therapy Assistants Club is to create a forum for representation on campus and in the community. We aim to increase awareness of our practice areas and enhance the overall experience of OT education through community involvement and campus participation.

OTA conducts regular meetings, offers education enrichment possibilities, and develops volunteer projects. 

Contact Occupational Therapy Assistant Club (OTA)

PCT ACI Student Chapter - ConCreate Design

The purpose of the PCT ACI Student Chapter - ConCreate Design is to encourage student interest in the study of concrete and to develop an awareness of ACI (American Concrete Institute), ACI chapters, and consensus procedures by which ACI operates. An added benefit is the ability to network as students among the industry at the local and national levels, which presents a great opportunity for club members to better their future job opportunities with industry connections.

Contact PCT ACI Student Chapter - ConCreate Design Club

Penn College Brewing Club

The goals of the Penn College Brewing Club are to educate members on the brewing process through brewing trips and tours, advocate for safe and responsible alcohol consumption, and connect the program to other associated fields at Penn College.

Contact Penn College Brewing Club

Penn College Business Club

The purpose of the Penn College Business Club is to expose students to real life business leaders, provide the opportunity for networking, and connect with other students.

Contact Penn College Business Club

Penn College Construction Association (PCCA)

The purpose of this organization is to improve upon the learning experience of students and provide service to the College and community at large. Regular activities include weekly meetings, spring and fall recruiting parties, trips to construction companies, bowling nights, and construction projects for the College and community. (Student chapter of the National Association of Home Builders)

Contact Penn College Construction Association (PCCA)

Penn College Women in Construction

The purpose of Penn College Women in Construction is to expand students' knowledge, promote personal growth and industry awareness as women in nontraditional industries through professional development, outreach programs, and attendance at industry related events.

Contact Penn College Women in Construction

Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors (PSLS)

The purpose of this club is to promote an enhanced extra-curricular working knowledge of the land surveying profession in Pennsylvania. The club encourages interest in the profession, broadens the experiences of the student members, promotes networking opportunities, and germinates professional relationships within the land surveying profession. The club holds weekly meetings and is involved with school tours, open house activities, and several community projects, as well as surveying projects and activities.

Contact Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors

Physical Therapist Assistant Club (PTA)

The mission of the PTA Club at Penn College is to provide opportunities for professional and personal development through interaction with, and service to the community. Club members aim to provide “hands-on” service to facilitate the development of cultural competence and to support the mission and goals of the Physical Therapist Assistant program and Penn College.

Contact Physical Therapist Assistant Club

Physician Assistant Club (PA Club)

The purpose of the Physician Assistant Club is to serve the community through education and community involvement. Regular Physician Assistant Club activities include club meetings, participation in campus visitations, campus activities, annual fundraisers, and community events (GRANGES, Health Fairs, Health Literacy in the community).

Contact Physician Assistant Club

Skills USA

The purpose of Skills USA, a National vocational student organization, is to compete in more than 80 competitions in a variety of fields. Regular Skills USA activities include chapter meetings, state and national conferences and community and college service. For more information about Skills USA, visit their website at: Skills USA 

Contact SkillsUSA

Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)

The purpose of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) is to form and maintain a professional link for students and leaders in the plastics industry. Other benefits include scholarships and career links. Regular Society of Plastics Engineers activities include weekly meetings, plant tours, guest speakers, national events, and conferences. SPE also sponsors and conducts recreational activities and trips.

Contact Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)

Student American Dental Hygienists' Association (SADHA)

SADHA is a category of membership within the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA), an association dedicated to the advancement and promotion of dental hygiene.

Contact Student American Dental Hygienists' Association

Student Nurses' Association (SNA)

The purpose of the Student Nurse's Association is to represent the majority of the nursing student body of the Pennsylvania College of Technology. The SNA will explore professional growth, will promote mutual respect in collaboration between the different levels of nursing, and will serve as a channel for the exchange of ideas to promote holistic health and provide for both patient and student education.

Regular Student Nurse's Association activities include community service projects such as Shepherds of the Street, Mitten Tree, and Clearly Kids Expo, fund-raisers such as a candle sale and a clothing sale and regular meetings.

Contact Student Nurses' Association

Society of Student Surgical Technologists (SSST)

The Student Society of Surgical Technologists is an organization that enjoys helping the community and the College through fund raising and helping others.

SSST meets monthly to discuss and plan upcoming events and fund raising activities. Although only Surgical Technology students may become members, all students can be involved by participating in community and College events planned by the organization.

Contact Student Society of Surgical Technologists

Wildcat Games Studio (WGS)

The purpose of the Wildcat Games Studio is to offer a platform for students to share lessons, news, updates, and discussions on the game development industry and craft. The organization will assist students with creating their own impressive game development projects, learning in their own time, and inspiring and working with each other to create projects that otherwise would not be possible.

Contact Wildcat Games Studio (WGS)

Pennsylvania Sigma Tau Chapter of Lambda Nu, the National Honor Society of Radiologic and Imaging Sciences

The purpose of the Pennsylvania Sigma Tau Chapter of Lambda Nu, the National Honor Society of Radiologic and Imaging Sciences, is to foster academic scholarship at the highest levels, recognize exemplary scholarship, and foster and promote professional development.

Contact Pennsylvania Sigma Tau Chapter of Lambda Nu, the National Honor Society of Radiologic and Imaging Sciences