About SGA

SGA represents students in all program areas and degree programs. We represent students' voices to Penn College administration and faculty. We collaborate with administration to support and fund social and academic activities sponsored by Penn College Student Organizations.

We provide a venue of communication and are committed to the benefit of students. We encourage students to get involved by attending meetings, bringing up issues and topics, and participating in discussions.

Take advantage of speaking with representatives, participating in events, serving on a committee, or becoming a Senator to gain leadership skills, become acquainted with administration, and work with fellow students to make for a better Penn College experience. Officers are elected to SGA each year for an academic year term. This is your campus, so come and make your voice be heard!

Want to get involved?

  • Email sga@pct.edu
  • Visit our Facebook page 
  • Visit us in the Student Organization Center, Campus Center, Room 153
  • Apply for a position via SGA's MyPCT Portal page
  • Attend a meeting! SGA meets most Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in Penn's Inn, when classes are in session.