An eight-week leadership experience

This experience, based on the Social Change Model, provides participants the opportunity to learn different leadership skills and apply them by developing a social change project proposal that directly benefits the Penn College community.

Week 1

Consciousness of Self

  • Define consciousness of self and learn to apply to leadership.
  • Identify and discuss interpersonal traits in leadership.

Week 2


  • Define congruence in leadership.
  • Explore their core values and how those values translate into actions.

Week 3


  • Understand how commitment is applicable in leadership.
  • Learn what intrinsically motivates oneself to serve.

Week 4


  • Identify opportunities for collaboration in leadership.
  • Identify diverse talents and perspectives to generate creative solutions.

Week 5

Common Purpose

  • Define common purpose in leadership.
  • Explore creating shared visions and missions within an organization or task.

Week 6

Controversy (with Civility)

  • Define and apply controversy with civility in leadership.
  • Analyze and discuss different strategies of dealing with controversy by using civility.

Week 7


  • Define citizenship in leadership.
  • Assess experiences and opportunities to identify how citizenship can provide a positive impact.

Week 8

Class Presentations

Share your experiences and affect social change.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any student with a minimum grade-point average of 2.0 who can demonstrate sincere commitment and interest in the program is eligible to apply.
Each session can accommodate 25 students.

Any questions can be sent to the Office of Student Engagement at