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What is Student Family Housing?

Penn College offers the option for students who are married, are in domestic partnerships, and/or have children/dependents to live on campus with their spouse/partner and/or children/dependents. Student Family Housing is located in The Village at Penn College. Apartments consist of two bedrooms, a living/dining room, a kitchenette (microwave, sink, and full-sized refrigerator), and bathroom. The Village is townhouse style with each apartment having an outside entrance.

Who is Eligible for Student Family Housing?

Student Family Housing is reserved for Penn College students who are married, are in a domestic partnership, and/or have children/dependents. To be eligible, Penn College students must be enrolled on a full-time, degree seeking basis. When applying for Student Family Housing, students will be required to provide proof of relationship with each person who will be residing in the apartment. Acceptable forms for couples include marriage license, proof of domestic partnership, or documentation showing at least one year of relationship which can include a previous rental agreement, shared utility bill, or joint bank account. For children/dependents, the acceptable forms are a birth certificate or documentation of legal dependence.

How Does a Student Apply for Student Family Housing?

To apply for Student Family Housing, the student completes a Student Family Housing Contract on the Student Information System (SIS). In completing the contract, the student is agreeing that they and their family members will abide by all policies, regulations and guidelines related to on-campus housing. The student then becomes responsible for insuring that all family members understand and abide by the College’s on-campus housing policies, regulations, and guidelines.

How Many People Can Live in Student Family Housing?

A total of four individuals may reside in Student Family Housing (student and three family members).

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Student Family Housing?

The rate for Student Family Housing is $4,500 per semester (rate for the 2023-24 Academic Year). Students who contract to live in Student Family Housing contracts to live in housing for a full academic year (from the weekend prior to classes in the Fall to the weekend after finals at the conclusion of the Spring Semester). Students and family members can remain in housing during all breaks when Residence Life housing closes during the academic year. If a student wishes to remain in Student Family Housing through the summer, unless having graduated, they may do so through a contract extension at the rate of $800 per month. Housing costs include all utilities (gas, electric, water, sewer, WiFi), access to a laundry room at no cost, 24-7 maintenance, and enhanced security with Resident Assistant staff on-site and Penn College Police patrolling campus and the surrounding community.

Important Considerations

The apartments for Student Family Housing are fully furnished. As there is limited storage space, the ability to remove furniture from the apartments is limited. Students and their families may bring their own furniture to add to the existing furniture as long as the furniture meets the College’s regulations.

Each apartment provides a kitchenette (microwave, sink, and full-sized refrigerator). Students may opt for a College dining plan but it is not required for students who contract to live in this housing option.

Students and their families are expected to follow all policies, regulations and guidelines related living on campus at Penn College. Alcohol and recreational drugs are not permitted in on-campus housing. Additionally, quiet hours are enforced each evening. The student is responsible for making sure family remembers understand and abide by the policies, regulations, and guidelines. The student will be held accountable for any violations by others living in their unit.

Pets are not permitted. Service and support animals must be approved in advance through the Disability & Access Resources Office.

Residents and families must purchase a parking permit for each vehicle which will be parked on campus.


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