Parent & Family Newsletter
Fall 2019, Issue 2

Residence Hall Break Closing Information

Residence Halls
Winter Break (between Fall and Spring semester)

Saturday, December 14 – Residence halls close at 10 a.m. for all students or 24 hours after a student’s last final exam (whichever comes first). No one will be permitted to stay over the break or return to the residence halls prior to the day the halls reopen in January. 

Students may leave items in their residence hall room during winter break, however, students should take care of the following to best secure their personal items and to make their apartment ready for new apartment/roommates they may receive in January. 

  • ITEMS BEING LEFT Each student should leave all of his/her items in one area of the room/apartment and labeled (for example, items could be left on the resident’s bed and desk). Students should communicate with their Resident Assistant as to where in the apartment their belongings are being placed. This is done because sometimes occupancy unexpectedly changes over the break and students moving into an apartment need to know where the open space is located. 
  • ITEMS NOT TO LEAVE money, jewelry, small valuables, small electronic equipment
  • CLEANING Students need to clean their apartment prior to leaving for the break. In the final week of the semester, the Resident Assistants will be meeting with each room/apartment to complete a closing agreement. During this process, room/apartment mates make a plan for cleaning the apartment at the prior to leaving at the end of the semester. 

Saturday, January 11 – Residence halls open at 9 a.m. for returning students.

2020-21 On-Campus Housing Application Process

Res life

The 2020-21 on-campus housing application process for current students begins on February 5, 2020. Look for additional information in the mail regarding this process or visit the Residence Life website.

Tis the Season – Applying for Scholarships

Scholarship Winners
Lucas S. Poche, of Lewistown, and Shawnee M. Mills, of Martinsburg, West Virginia, both majoring in plastics and polymer engineering technology at Pennsylvania College of Technology, earned scholarships from the Society of Plastics Engineers. Poche was awarded the $3,000 SPE Foundation Ted Neward Scholarship; Mills received the $2,500 Extrusion Division Russell Gould Scholarship. Read more

Applying for scholarships is a key part of the financial aid application process each and every year, so make sure that your student is aware of the Financial Aid Office’s Scholarships Web page. Both Penn College Scholarships and external, or private, scholarships are featured on the site. 

Students submit one Penn College Scholarship application in order to be considered for every Penn College Scholarship for which they meet the donor eligibility criteria. Refer to the site for information on the application period and how to apply. Awarding begins in early March so it is crucial for students to meet our March 1 priority submission deadline. The scholarship application will be available on December 1, 2019.

Many community foundations, professional organizations, and businesses offer external scholarships. The Financial Aid Office recommends students and parents review the extensive list on our Scholarships Web page periodically throughout the autumn and winter, and into the following spring. Students should apply for every individual scholarship for which they meet the eligibility criteria. Pay close attention to procedures and deadlines.

The site also has two legitimate scholarship ‘search engines’ to further expand the scholarship search. Contact the Financial Aid Office with any scholarship questions!

Dining Services

Thanksgiving is near and your student will be home for the holiday! Turkey, mashed potatoes, pie, and oh by the way…”pack me up all the leftovers to take back to school – I’m running low on my declining/flex dollars.”  While most students have plenty of meals, flex, or declining balance dollars to get them through the end of the semester, it is not uncommon for some students to add a few extra dollars to their plan at this point in the semester. 

If you need to add funds to your students account follow our Parent/Guest Add-on Process.

Parent/Guest Add-on Process

You do not need to be registered for GET and this process can be completed even if your student has not registered for GET. 
STEP 1 - Navigate to
STEP 2 - On the sign in screen, click on the link below the Parents, Guardians or Other Relatives heading 
STEP 3 - Follow the on screen instructions to add funds. You will need the following to complete your transaction: 

  • Student’s Penn College ID #; 
  • Student’s full name (first & last); 
  • Dining Plan Account Information – are you adding to Flex Dollars or a Declining Balance plan? (If your student has a Board Plan or Block Plan, you will be adding to flex dollars – all resident students have a Board Plan)
  • A credit or debit card

The end of the semester also brings some questions as to what happens to unused meals and funds. All dining plans (board, block or declining) are semester based and end at close of business on Friday, December 14. Here is what you can expect. 

Board / Block Plans
  • Any unused meals at the end of the semester do not carry to the next semester and are not refunded.
  • Unused flex dollars associated with a Board or Block plan are non-refundable. 
    • The exception to this rule is if additional funds were added above the initial amount associated with the dining plan, those funds are refundable if there is $10 or more in the account on Dec. 14. Refunds may take up to two weeks. 
  • If you are a resident student, your spring dining plan will be added to your Spring Tuition Bill automatically.
    • Non-resident students who would like a Board or Block Plan can add this optional charge to their tuition bill through December 7, 2019 by visiting the Student Information System (SIS) or by contacting the Dining Services office directly.

Declining Balance Plans
  • Remaining funds will carry over to the spring semester.
    • Graduating seniors will have their declining funds refunded if there is $10 or more in their account at the close of business on Friday, December 14. Refunds may take up to two weeks.
  • If you wish to add additional funds for the spring semester, select one of our three starting Declining Balance plans ($500, $300, $100) on the SIS through the optional billing link.
Important Dates
  • Nov. 28 – 30, Thanksgiving Vacation - dining units closed, no board or block meals
  • Dec. 13, all student dining plans end at close of business for the Fall Semester
  • Jan. 11, board meals begin after 4 p.m. 
  • March 7 – 14 – Spring Break, no board or block meals

If you or your student have Dining Plan questions or about GET, contact the Dining Services office at or 570-327-4767. Oh and go ahead and send those leftovers as well, everyone LOVES leftovers!


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