Offering IREC Accredited Home Energy Professional Training

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council, a top accreditation and credentialing body for training programs and instructors in the clean energy field, has given its official approval to NSSC’s Home Energy Professional Retrofit Installer Technician and Energy Auditor training programs, which are accredited under the IREC Standard 01022:2011.

Technical Assistance & Education
from one of the top building science training centers in the nation

Certifications & Training
  • In-field or in-classroom training
  • Customized courses
  • Industry & Commercial training
  • Residential energy conservation & weatherization training
  • State-of-the-art facilities & lab development expertise
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National Sustainable Structures Center News

National Sustainable Structures Center News

Staff Feature

Deb Lengel portraitDeb Lengel

Program Support Specialist, NSSC

provides general program support to NSSC's staff and is responsible for coordinating the details of on-site and in-field training and testing for all of NSSC's training and certification programs.


PA Weatherization Standards and Field Guide (Revised Spring 2011)

PA Weatherization Standards and Field Guide


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