25 students join the A-list (That's 'A' as in 'awesome')

Published 04.04.2022

Student News
Faculty & Staff

Fifteen members of this year's AWE class gather in celebration on the PDC patio.Certificates and gifts fill a skirted table, destined for this year's "Awesome Women."Diesel Performance Club President Marcayla M. Lutzkanin, on track to graduate next month with associate degrees in diesel technology and heavy construction equipment technology: Caterpillar emphasis (before returning in fall in continued pursuit of a bachelor's), was nominated by seven students! "I admire this woman because she has decided to pursue a career that interests her, even when this industry is a male-dominated industry," one of them wrote. "She didn't let that discourage her from following her dreams and doing what she wants with her life."Given the caliber of the honorees, is it any wonder that "inspire" would be the most prevalent word in their collective nominations? Other words populating the list reviewed by Allison A. Grove (at podium), director of student engagement - none of which is surprising, either - include "hard worker," "service," "ambassador," "eager" and "leadership."Suggested by two members of the building construction faculty is the ConCreate Design Club's Madison L. Kistler, accepting her gift bag from Blaise E. Marshall, Residence Life hall coordinator for Rose Street Commons. "Women have made great strides in the construction fields," one of those nominators said, "and students like Madison ... are leading the way. (She) is a true leader among her peers. Her natural curiosity and knowledge are infectious."Twenty-five students were accorded the Awesome Woman Exemplar designation at a Thursday reception in the Thompson Professional Development Center, the first such in-person event to be held since 2019. The ceremony, honoring those nominated by laudatory classmates and faculty/staff for their contributions to the Penn College community, was the culmination of Women's History Month on campus.

2022’s Awesome Women Exemplars, who join 213 other students selected over the years:

Megan R. Adams, industrial design
Serena V. Bergeron, automotive technology management
Erin T. Braxton, physician assistant studies
Alexis M. Burrell, graphic design
Emilee J. Dotts, human services & restorative justice
Ja'Quela Dyer, business administration
Sierra Fay, human services & restorative justice
Abigail Grove, forest technology
Emily R. Heller, landscape/plant production technology
Emily Hovies, nursing
Maci N. Ilgen, nursing
Madison L. Kistler, applied technology studies
Gabrielle P. Krupilis, surgical technology
Marcayla M. Lutzkanin, applied management
Danielle E. Malesky, construction management
Alicia Martinez, aviation maintenance technology
Krystle J. Richardson, human services & restorative justice
Amanda F. Ritter, building science and sustainable design: architectural technology concentration
Taylor K. Schon, nursing
Sierra L. Shipe, pre-practical nursing
Lauryn A. Stauffer, robotics & automation
Sydney M. Telesky, human services & restorative justice
Annika I. Turner, applied management
Abby L. Underhill, surgical technology
Sophia G. Wiest, entrepreneurial innovation