Gallery director talks 'Golden Books' in WVIA appearance

Published 03.07.2022

The Gallery at Penn College
Faculty & Staff

Penny Griffin Lutz, director of the Gallery at Penn College, recently discussed the “Golden Legacy: Original Art From 75 Years of Golden Books” exhibit in a conversation with Fiona Powell for WVIA Radio's "Art Scene" with Erika Funke. Lutz walks listeners through the decade-by-decade structure of the gallery show, shares historical tidbits and notes that visitors can also see a replay of a Zoom talk with the exhibition’s curator, Leonard Marcus. "People are going to come along and they're going to be able to relive their childhood or even relive their early years of parenting when these wonderful books were an absolute standby," Powell says during the 15-minute interview. The exhibit runs through March 30 on the third floor of The Madigan Library and, while the gallery is closed during Spring Break (March 6-13), appointments are available by calling 570-320-2400, ext. 7973.