Ornamentals to operations, landscape students get an eyeful

Published 10.18.2021

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Students get acquainted with Parker the Caterpillar, a whimsical bench in the arboretum's Childhood's Gate garden.And what's a trip to Penn State without ice cream, when you're literally chillin' with classmates?Pumpkins and other trappings of fall set the pastoral scene.Scott A. Burk (center), owner of Scott's Landscaping, a member of the Landscape Horticulture Technology Advisory Committee, talks with his Penn College guests.Penn College horticulture students took a field trip to the Arboretum at Penn State on Oct. 8, exploring the beautiful grounds and learning what's entailed in working at a public garden. The tour included the university's new Pollinator and Bird Garden, which was completed over the summer. The group also visited Wheatfield Nursery and Scott's Landscaping to learn about field-growing trees, as well as the inner workings of a large design/build/maintenance landscape company. Accompanying the students were Carl J. Bower Jr., assistant professor of horticulture; instructor Justin Shelinski; and Wyatt C. Forest, laboratory assistant for horticulture.
Photos provided by Bower