NSSC transforms into Clean Energy Center at Penn College

Published 02.03.2021

Clean Energy
Workforce Development

The National Sustainable Structures Center at Pennsylvania College of Technology, a leading provider of building performance and energy-efficiency training in the mid-Atlantic, has rebranded to mirror the rapid transformation of the energy workforce.

At the heart of the rebranding is a name change to the Clean Energy Center at Penn College.

Clean Energy Center“Our mission is to equip the ever-evolving clean energy workforce with knowledge, skills and abilities to create healthy buildings, occupants and communities through energy efficiency,” said Alison A. Diehl, director of the Clean Energy Center. “We provide current and future clean energy workers with industry-leading career pathways for stable, good-paying jobs that are growing in demand.”

“Many associate clean energy with renewable energy, but renewables are only part of the equation. Energy efficiency is a necessary and equally important part of the movement to a clean energy economy,” said Jason K. Embick, assistant director. “Our training programs teach workers and business owners how to optimize building performance to reduce energy consumption in preparation for a changing energy grid.”

The rebranding effort emphasizes the center’s forward movement to meet the workforce training needs of employers, partners and industry, while affirming a 35-year commitment to provide training and expertise on the leading standards and practical application of energy-efficient building performance for the residential and commercial sectors.

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