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Published 03.20.2019

Diesel Truck, Heavy Equipment & Power Generation
School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies News

An engine that requires no search, this brightly colored Caterpillar equipment stands out in landmark surroundings.Representative of both a bedrock academic program and an enduring corporate partnership, a Caterpillar 3208 industrial diesel engine has become part of the decor in Penn College's Madigan Library. Delivered to main campus from the Schneebeli Earth Science Center, the engine has been mounted onto a stand for display near the facility's magazine racks. The library has showcased any number of curricular items over the years, from wedding cakes and floral arrangements to antique automobiles and student artwork. A piece of overflow equipment from the diesel-lab inventory, the engine stands as a substantial reminder to library patrons of the career-building majors around every corner – even in unexpected places!