Front-Line Supervisors to Benefit From WDCE Leadership Series

Published 09.26.2017

Workforce Development

Four classes comprise the Front Line Supervisor Fall Series being offered by Workforce Development & Continuing Education at Pennsylvania College of Technology beginning in October.

Each of the following classes will meet in Room 312 of Penn College’s Klump Academic Center on successive Tuesdays, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at a cost of $625:

Performance Management (Oct. 10 and 17)
This course covers the basic concepts of performance management: Creating a Climate of Motivation and Engagement, Shaping Performance Expectations, Developing Performance Coaching Techniques, and Addressing Difficult Performance Situations. Upon completion, participants will understand the elements of supervising for excellent performance, develop the capacity to create effective performance expectations, improve coaching skills and be able to address difficult performance situations.

Teamwork and Cooperation (Oct. 24 and 31)
This course introduces basic team concepts and provides guidelines for setting up and structuring teams for successful performance: Understanding Team Roles and Responsibilities, Developing Team Skills and Processes, Resolving Team Challenges, and Enhancing Influence and Negotiation Skills. Upon completion, participants will realize the benefits of work teams, understand the key components for team success, be able to resolve team challenges, and enhance their influence and negotiation skills.

Workplace Challenges (Nov. 7 and 14)
This course focuses on building skills related to improving the workplace: Applying Systematic Problem-Solving, Developing Time and Priority Management Skills, Facilitating Effective Meetings, and Understanding and Resolving Conflict. Upon completion of the four modules, participants will be able to implement a six-step problem-solving model, effectively manage time and priorities, efficiently conduct meetings, and resolve conflict in the workplace.

Workplace Improvement (Dec. 5 and 12)
This course will include four modules: Framing Customer Perceptions and Expectations, Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement, Identifying and Implementing Improvement Initiatives, and Presenting Initiatives with Confidence. Participants will examine their role as a leader and how their understanding of continuous improvement impacts customer service. This course is designed to encourage supervisory leaders to view problems as opportunities, to continuously look for ways to improve and to apply what was learned for the purpose of promoting excellence in their organizations. This course also focuses on how to organize, prepare and deliver project presentations with confidence.

Call 570-327-4775 for more information or visit WDCE to register or view a complete list of courses.

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