Business Students Make Worldwide Top 100 List 21 Times

Published 12.15.2016

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Pennsylvania College of Technology students set an impressive record during their fall-semester participation in the Business Strategy Game.

In all, Penn College student teams earned spots on the international game’s weekly Top 100 lists 21 separate times.

“This is quite impressive given that, at some point during the semester, over 5,700 teams competed in the BSG,” said Chip D. Baumgardner, associate professor of business administration/management.

The previous record was set in Spring 2014, when Penn College teams were in the Top 100 eight times.

The Business Strategy Game is an international business simulation competition used not only in undergraduate capstone classes, but also in graduate classes and as a corporate-level training tool.

Students in Baumgardner’s Business Policy and Strategy course were assigned to operate a virtual athletic footwear company competing in a global arena. Each company (team) was responsible for assessing market conditions, determining how to respond to the actions of competitors, forging a long-term direction and strategy for their company, forecasting upcoming sales volumes and making decisions about facilities, worker compensation, pricing, social responsibility and more.

Participating teams from across the globe were ranked each week in four categories: overall game-to-date score, earnings per share, return on average equity and stock price.

The four Penn College teams finishing in the worldwide Top 100, each multiple times during the semester, were:

  • Louis A. Aiello, of Covington; Elizabeth P. Osborn, of Lake Ariel; and Bradley S. Wentzel, of Hughesville. The team was the most dominant in the class, with many Top 100 finishes.

  • Alyssa R. Bickel, of Williamsport; Aaron D. Lachat, of Williamsport; and Marissa E. Ray, of Williamsport.

  • Daniel J. Mull, of Winfield, and Brandon M. Walker, of Jersey Shore.

  • Jahmas B. Hamilton, of Silver Spring, Maryland; Todd M. Keeley, of Lewisburg; Jennifer L. Matthews, of Williamsport; and Aubrey A. Penecale, of Southampton.

The students are pursuing bachelor’s degrees in accounting, applied management, technology management, or business administration with a concentration in banking and finance, management, or marketing.

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