Student Manufactures Emblems for River Walk Initiative

Published 12.13.2016

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The manufacturing skills of a Pennsylvania College of Technology student are helping a local business highlight its commitment to the community.

Joel E. Bergerstock, of Liverpool, produced aluminum emblems depicting the logo of The Bicycle Center for the South Williamsport business’ Susquehanna River Walk initiative. The emblems will be placed on each of the three repair stations that The Bicycle Center intends to install on the paved walkway and bike trail, which loops atop the levee system in Williamsport, South Williamsport and Loyalsock Township.

Joel Bergerstock caption: Penn College manufacturing engineering technology student Joel E. Bergerstock, of Liverpool, proudly displays one of three emblems he recently made for The Bicycle Center’s Susquehanna River Walk initiative. Bergerstock is standing in front of the electrical discharge machine he used to cut aluminum to form the emblems.The manufacturing engineering technology major devoted about 15 hours outside of class to make the 6-inch-by-8 inch emblems. Bergerstock employed electrical discharge machining, a process that utilizes fine wire to cut material via electric charge.

“I like a challenge,” Bergerstock said. “I love it when people ask me to build something and I’m able to do it. This was a difficult job. There were a lot of small, intricate details in the logo.”

Working off a sketch, Bergerstock used geometry to calculate tool pathways for the cutting process. He then devoted more than 10 hours of machine time to manufacture the emblems, which required 11 separate cuts.

“Joel was willing to take on the project, and he did exactly what was asked of him. He did excellent work,” said John G. Marshalek, instructor of automated manufacturing and machining.

Rick DeVito, owner of The Bicycle Center, contacted Marshalek seeking a manufacturing student to contribute to the community-based project. The stations, scheduled to be installed in the spring, will consist of a bike mount and common repair tools.

Welding and fabrication engineering technology majors Garret D. Corneliussen, of Hickory, North Carolina, and Logan M. Tubiello, of Ottsville, welded material for the repair stations earlier this year.

Emblems representing the logo of The Bicycle Center – made by Penn College manufacturing engineering technology student Joel E. Bergerstock, of Liverpool – will be placed on three bike repair stations to be installed this spring along the Susquehanna River Walk. Thanks to Bergerstock, those stations will soon sport The Bicycle Center’s logo.

“You do something different in this field every day,” said Bergerstock, who works part time at QE Manufacturing in New Berlin. “It came out a lot better than I thought it would. I’m happy with the result.”

In addition to a manufacturing engineering technology bachelor’s degree, Bergerstock is seeking an associate degree in automated manufacturing technology. The college also offers an associate degree in machine tool technology and a machinist general certificate.

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