Second Group of Concrete Wedges Rises at 'Garden' Site

Published 11.01.2016

Building Construction
Construction & Architectural Technologies

Reber's class fills the forms for one of 18 upright pillars that will hold plaques of recognition.An earlier pour shows the configuration of wedges atop a geometric pad.The Campus Center roof provides a perfect "big picture" vantage point.Another set of vertical walls for Penn College’s Recognition Garden was erected this week by Franklin H. Reber, instructor of construction technology, and students from one of three classes working on the project. Using Centre Concrete's conveyer truck just west of the Bush Campus Center, the group (which also built the wooden forms) poured the second of three units that will hold commemorative plaques. The site, to be dedicated in the spring, is a successor to the inscribed bricks that line the Hagan Way entrance to main campus.
Photos by Andrew M. Richardson, General Services clerk of the works/construction manager