Annual Recognition Accorded Penn College Employees, Faculty

Published 05.12.2016

Faculty & Staff

Pennsylvania College of Technology held its traditional Employee Recognition event on May 12, presenting awards to Distinguished Staff, a part-time instructor, faculty advisers, new members of its Quarter Century Club and employees who retired during the 2015-16 academic year.

Distinguished Staff Awards are presented every spring to one employee from each of three job classifications – Administrative, Professional and Technical; Classified; and Service – upon nominations from co-workers. On occasion, as is the case this year, the honor roll includes a member of the college’s part-time staff.

Honored with Penn College’s Distinguished Staff Awards are (from left) Lezli A. Zeafla, secretary to the dean of academic services/College Transitions; Michael L. Bremigen, General Services horticulture technician; Roxanna J. Walker, employment/applicant system specialist in Human Resources; and Dining Services worker Sara B. Bernier.Awards were presented to Roxanna J. Walker, employment/applicant system specialist (APT); Lezli A. Zeafla, secretary to the dean of academic services and college transitions (Classified); Michael L. Bremigen, horticulture technician, (Service); and Sara B. Bernier, a Dining Services worker (Part-Time).

“I have come to rely heavily on Roxy because she always knows the answer,” said one of Walker’s multiple supporters. “Although I feel embarrassed about having to ask so many questions, I never feel that (she) is judging me. She does not talk down to me or sound frustrated, even when I have to ask the same question more than once or need additional explanations. Her answers are positive, and her demeanor is encouraging.”

Another co-worker endorsed Walker by saying: “Her approachability, commitment to high-quality work, ability to work both with others and independently, and her general good nature make her an invaluable asset to our team. She is simply a quality human being, and Penn College is a better place because of the contributions she makes.”

“Lezli has provided counsel to students and parents who have concerns about placement test results or are just nervous about what’s next in the process,” one of Zeafla’s nominators wrote. “It’s not unusual for a student or parent to keep her contact information and check in with her during the matriculation process. She often has visitors during (orientation) who stop by to introduce themselves in person and to say ‘Thanks.’”

Another added, “Her infectious laugh is great to hear in our hallway and brings a smile to everyone. She is extremely organized, and, quite frankly, I couldn't stay afloat at times without her as part of my team. She values a true team effort and always will try to fill in the gaps when others cannot.”

Of Bremigen, who tends campus grounds in addition to maintaining the college’s athletic and intramural fields, a colleague said: “Mike and I have had the opportunity to work with the student population a lot, and he always finds ways to relate and help out in any way he can. I am sure if you find any of the professors we have worked with over the years, they will all say, ‘Mike helped make the job run smooth.’ I cannot remember a day when Mike was not smiling and did not say, ‘I love my job!’”

Co-workers added that Bremigen is always quick with a joke or comment no matter the situation; he’s the one who keeps the group laughing while enjoying the work being done.

Bernier, a cashier in the Keystone Dining Room, was characterized by a nominator as “very helpful and friendly to the students, faculty and staff who come through her line. Last fall, she was even invited by some of the college baseball team members to come and watch them get their medals at a Crosscutters game. That, in itself, shows how much respect the student body has for Sara.”

In addition to caring about KDR patrons, she has a keen interest in the efficiency and accuracy of the dining unit’s operations.

“She’s proposed solutions to problems we didn’t even know existed until she noticed them,” a co-worker said. “Sara is not frightened of change, rather embracing it and adapting to it.”

Barbara A. McAndrewA Part-Time Teaching Excellence Award was presented to Barbara A. McAndrew, an adjunct instructor in mathematics.

“My math class consisted of every type of student imaginable," her nominator wrote. “Barb McAndrew made it her mission to involve every student in a way that best utilized their specific skills and made this class a true group learning experience.”

Mary R. ErdmanRichard J. CalvertExcellence in Academic Advising Awards were presented to Mary R. Erdman, nursing instructor, and Richard J. Calvert, assistant professor of electronics.

One of Erdman’s advisees said: “She is incredibly knowledgeable regarding nursing department policies and curriculums, and if she happens to not know some bit of information, she readily admits it and … calls to find out the information on the spot.” The student added that her adviser set her on the right course toward acceptance into a bachelor’s program. “I will be forever grateful to Mrs. Erdman for this opportunity!”

Of her co-honoree, a student wrote: “I personally felt like I wouldn’t be able to continue on in this program. I had felt hopelessly lost before he intervened to guide me toward my objective. I honestly don’t believe I would be continuing … next semester if it wasn’t for Mr. Calvert.”

President Davie Jane Gilmour (right) joins 25-year employees (from left) Eric K. Albert, Tom F. Gregory, Jane E. Oehme, Thomas F. Speicher and Lisa M. Dincher.Quarter Century Club members, honored for 25 years’ service to the college, are Lisa M. Dincher, Tom F. Gregory and Thomas F. Speicher, APT; and Eric K. Albert and Jane E. Oehme, Faculty.

Some of the year's retirees gather with the president Thursday morning for a photo outside Le Jeune Chef Restaurant. Front row (from left): James E. Doebler, President Gilmour, Kathleen F. Mayer, Diana L. Kuhns, Billie A. Coffman, Sandra Carlson and David L. Mauck. Back row (from left): William H. Schaefer, John J. Macko Jr., Raymond J. Fischer Jr., Lenore G. Penfield, Kevin P. Sullivan, Kenneth C. Kuhns, Keith M. Whitesel and Richard L. Druckenmiller.The 2015-16 retirees who were honored are Margaret Ayers, John R. Bartolomucci, Deborah C. Books, Sandra Carlson, Billie A. Coffman, Ronald E. Confair, Rhonda L. Davis, Natalie O. DeLeonardis, James E. Doebler, Deborah A. Dougherty, Richard L. Druckenmiller, Dennis L. Dunkleberger, Terri L. Farr, Patricia D. Fickes, Raymond J. Fischer Jr., McClure T. Flook Sr., Stephen L. Frazier, Julia R. Gilbert, Esther L. Greenawalt, Patricia J. Haefner, Beverly R. Hinston, Beverly A. Hunsberger, Diana L. Kuhns, Kenneth C. Kuhns, John J. Macko Jr., John E. Manz, David L. Mauck, Jenny M. Maurer, Kathleen F. Mayer, Nancy A. Miller, Louis E. Myers, Lenore G. Penfield, Charlene A. Peter, Nancy C. Petrosky, Constance A. Rice, Gail A. Ritchey, Lydia D. Rockwell, William H. Schaefer, Shelley A. Sorgen, Kevin P. Sullivan, Sharon K. Waters, Keith M. Whitesel, Matthew C. Wilt and Waylene Young.

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