Blogger Writes About College's 'Working World Within'

Published 05.21.2015

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Countdown to College CoachA college-prep expert, who helps parents navigate the maze of higher education, is writing about Penn College for a national audience. Suzanne Shaffer, author of the Parents Countdown to College Coach blog, extensively toured campus on April 29-30. "Once students graduate from Penn College, they can hit the ground running. It’s not necessary for employers to train them on basic techniques or skills," she writes in the just-posted second installment. "They are familiar with equipment, tools, practices and techniques used to work at their chosen career immediately after graduation. Employers hire Penn College students because they know these students have been trained properly and are familiar with their products, services and equipment." Shaffer's introductory piece, "Degrees That Work: One College's Best-Kept Secret," debuted earlier in the month. Shaffer is supplementing her blog with references to Penn College on social media.