Careening Toward Finals, Students 'Paws' for Friendly Intervention

Published 05.04.2015


Kenzie, a golden retriever, mutely delivers multiple doses of affection.An eager friend stands ready to please.Event's popularity obvious from aboveBig relief, no matter the sizeKoda, a Leonberger with a heart to match his stature, proves to be a cherished guest.Pre-finals comfort – canine-style – was delivered to Madigan Library on Thursday, as four-legged, tail-wagging visitors spent an hour easing test anxiety for Penn College students. Certified therapy dogs, whose job description includes absorbing jitters through selfless hugs, lowered the collective blood pressure of a steady crowd near the main circulation desk. The event was arranged by library support services assistant Blair E. Mattocks (who, as owner of a retired racing greyhound, knows firsthand the health benefits of pooch-petting).
Photos by Dalaney T. Vartenisian, student photographer