Bardo Gym Hosts 'Strongest Wildcat' Power Lifting Contest

Published 05.04.2015

Nursing & Health Sciences
Student News

Power lifting contestants show the fun side of competition.Eleven students (nine men and two women) took part in the recent Pound-for-Pound Strongest Wildcat power lifting competition in Bardo Gym, completing three attempts at a maximum lift across three events: back squats, bench press and dead lift. Upon completion of all lifts, points were measured by comparing the ratio of resistance lifted to the participant's weight. Awards were given for the top three places in the men's division; due to the limited number of women in the competition, only two places were awarded. The highest male finishers were Marlin J. Krall, first; Chris Buck, second; and Jackson J. Walker, third. Women winners were Rayann J. Levan, first, and Katelyn A. Wertz. Judges were physical fitness specialist majors Danilo S. Portugal and Sage N. Bumbarger, and Fitness Center assistant Domenick S. Schiraldi-Irrera. Prizes GNC gift cards, T-shirts, towels, shaker bottles and lanyards. Ten to 15 spectators showed up in support of the particpants and the event, which was offered in collaboration with the Physical Fitness Specialist Club.
Photo by Lisa J. Worth, coordinator of Fitness Center/club sports