'Old Glory' Rises Anew at Campus Gateway

Published 03.06.2015


A worker is lifted aloft to unravel the Stars and Stripes.Barry L. Loner Jr. (at the crank), facilities supervisor, and Don J. Luke, director of facilities operations, advance the periodically required replacement project.A rapidly responding team of General Services co-workers attaches a replacement flag, which catches the wind ...... on its way back up the pole.In short order, a community landmark is flying again.Tattered and twisted by recent stormy winds, the 1,800-square-foot American flag near the Penn College entrance was untangled and replaced Friday morning. An Allison Crane & Rigging employee was hoisted high above main campus to extricate the civic cornerstone, which had gotten snarled over top of the flagpole. Once freed, the flag was lowered by General Services employees, who, careful not to let it touch the ground, quickly swapped it for a new version.