Admissions Rep Willingly Falls Under Theatrical 'Spell'

Published 02.09.2015

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Mark R. Capellazzi (front row, center) joins his castmates for an informal curtain call.Admissions representative Mark R. Capellazzi was among the audience volunteers invited to take part in "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee," which ended its two-week run at the Community Theatre League on Sunday. Recruited at Saturday night's performance in the 100 W. Third St. venue, he and three other patrons bravely joined the cast on stage as Act I spellers in the musical comedy. Capellazzi (also a Penn College alumnus) proved to be a very good sport – making repeated trips to the microphone with increasingly difficult words, joining an impromptu dance number and, when eliminated from the competition, returning to his seat with a juice box as consolation. Colleague Sarah R. Shott snapped the souvenir photo during an after-show "meet and greet" with the CTL actors, who enthusiastically accommodated their "co-star."