College Family's Military Service Recognized on Veterans Day

Published 11.10.2014

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On this Veterans Day,  PCToday salutes the Pennsylvania College of Technology students, faculty, staff and alumni who have served (or continue to serve) their country.

Members of the campus community are encouraged to say "Thank you" for the military service of their colleagues, recognized through this voluntary honor roll.

Penn College, named a Military Friendly School for the past six years, coordinates veterans education benefits in the Financial Aid Office (Student and Administrative Services Center, first floor) and supports servicemen and women through employment and academic guidance.

A sampling of student veterans gathers on the Klump Academic Center steps with Chester M. Beaver (front row, left), the college’s veterans affairs coordinator, and Paul L. Starkey (back row, center), vice president for academic affairs and provost.Students
Andria J. Allmond, active duty Air Force, Air Force Reserve and Pennsylvania Air National Guard (currently serving); nine years
William P. Bates, Navy, 2008-13
Curtis M. Beitz, Marine Corps, five years
Alex S. Bogler, Navy, five years
James W. Breon, Air Force, 1969-74
Craig J. Buick, active duty Marine Corps, four years
Curtis M. Carnes, Army National Guard, eight years (actively serving)
Shaun C. Devine, Marine Corps, four years
Emily M. Dittmar, Army National Guard, first year
David A. Exelbert, Air Force, 2004-10
Robert P. Fisher II, Army National Guard, four years
Chad E. Hahn, Army National Guard, 2002-14
Heath M. Hawk, Air Force, 2002-10
Autumn S. Hill, active duty Army, four years; Texas National Guard, two years
Letittia L. Hobbs, Army National Guard, November 2004-February 2014
Adam C. Hoffman, active duty Air Force, four years
Katherine L. Kelley, Army, five years
Scott E. Knight, Army, eight years
Christopher M. Lapp, Army, four years
Kimberly A. Lindsey, active duty Air Force, 2003-08 (including deployment in Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2005-06)
William G. Lindberg, Army, four years
Joseph J. Logue, active duty Marine Corps, five years
David R. Martin, Army, 12 years
Patrick S. Masters, Marine Corps, seven years; Air Force, 14 years
Chyanne N. Mattern, Army, active duty, November 2009-April 2014; Army Reserve, April 2014-present
Shannon M. Nelson, Army, four years
Ronald D. Parks, Army, 25 years’ active duty
Joshua E. Rockwell, Marine Corps, three years
Joseph C. Sarmento, Navy, 1992-97
Gregory A. Schlegel, Marine Corps, June 1980-September 1994
Dana S. Sealander, Marine Corps, five years
Nicholas T. Sebasovich, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, two years
Paul Simko, Army Reserve, four years
Donald A. Smuck Jr., Marine Corps, four years
Shakeem Thomas, Army National Guard, six years
Amber L. Weeks, Marine Corps, 2009-13
Diego H. Wilson, Army Aviation, three years

Tables, each set for one and honoring all branches of the U.S. military, have again been placed at various campus  locations in honor of fallen and missing military personnel. Faculty
Marcia M. Bartlett, Navy, 10 years
Donna M. Bertone, Air Force (retired), including service during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, 1989-2001; Public Health Service (retired), 2001-13
John F. Chappo, Army, 1986-1990
Kimberly A. Fox, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, six years (including a tour in Ramadi, Iraq, 2005-06)
Gary S. Giacobbi, Air Force, 20½ years
Terry A. Girdon, Army, 28 years' active duty
John M. Good III, Army, five years
Kenneth C. Kuhns, Air Force, 1972-76
David M. Moyer, Marine Corps, 1971-73
Kurt P. Schmitt, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, two years
Lawrence P. Stabler, Air Force (retired), October 1954-May 1963
Thomas A. Zimmerman, Navy Reserve, 30 years

David A. Bates, Navy, 1979-82
Chester M. Beaver, Army, 25 years
Kenneth L. Berry, Army, 1975-78
Kenneth L. Bolig, Navy (retired), 1983-2003; Navy Seabees
Marlin R. Cromley, Air Force, 1971-76
Raymond J. Fischer Jr., Army Reserve, 20 years (retired)
Monica B. Freeman, Army, 1980-84
Bambi A. Hawkins, Coast Guard (1988-94)
Joseph O. King, Army National Guard, nine years (actively serving)
William E. Mack, active duty Air Force (retired) and Pennsylvania Army National Guard, 20 years
David L. Mauck, Coast Guard (1978-82) and Pennsylvania Army National Guard (1982-85)
Charles W. Oldt, Navy, four years
Michael J. Paulhamus, Air Force, 1971-75
Rhonda L. Shableski, Air Force, nine years
Walter J. Shultz Jr., Navy, 1993-99
Robert J. Slothus, Air Force, 1971-74
Rebecca A. Steer, Army, 12 years
Kimberly A. Venti, Air Force, four years

Darryl W. Kehrer, a Williamsport Area Community College graduate and an Air Force veteran with a distinguished career in veterans affairs, returned to campus Nov. 5  to discuss the GI Bill.Alumni (includes date of graduation; branch and length of service not available for all)
Charles P. Behrent, 1968
Girard Calehuff, 1943; Army, two years
Archie Christie, 1962; Air Force, eight years (including four years’ active duty)
David Clark, 1961; Navy, two years
Timothy Conrad, 1982
Vincent (Andy) Cruse, 1959; Army, two years
Murvin Grunden III, 1958; Army, two years
Florence J. Heddings, 2014
Jacob M. Heuman, 2014
Allan Kehrer, 1974; Air Force, four years
Darryl W. Kehrer, 1972; Air Force
Todd Lupold, 1999; Army
Walter McCoy, 1963; Navy, four years
Carl F. McDaniel, 1943; Army, three and a half years
Melissa Margargle, 2006
Jonathan P. Neidig, 2014
Mark O’Hara, 2005; Navy, four years
Louis Paulauski Jr., 1963; Navy Reserve, six years
Mayra A. Perez, 2014
Calvin F. Phillips II, 1994; Army, 1987-90
Gary C. Ranck, 1972; Air Force, four years
Timothy J. Rawcliffe, 2014
Matthew T. Schmeltz, 2014
Rocco Sgro, 1964; Army/Army Reserve, 32 years
Felicia M. Shoup, 2013
David C. Skiles, 2011
Gary Smith, 1963; Army, five years
Chalmer Van Horn, 1958 (also retired faculty); Air Force, four years
Brian M. Webster, 2006
Evelyn M. Willen, 1969
Allen Yearick, 1946

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Lists were compiled from responses to a collegewide email to students and employees, as well as information provided by the Alumni Relations Office.)