Transfer Pacts Established With PA Highlands Community College

Published 06.20.2014

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Graduates of several associate-degree programs from Pennsylvania Highlands Community College who wish to transfer to Pennsylvania College of Technology will benefit from agreements that ease their transition to baccalaureate-degree studies.

Transfer agreements have been approved for Pennsylvania Highlands students in accounting, business management and restaurant/culinary management; additional agreements are being developed. The agreements allow students to choose course work that will fulfill requirements at both institutions and minimize the loss of academic credit.

“We welcome these agreements with Pennsylvania Highlands Community College; both institutions will benefit,” said Penn College President Davie Jane Gilmour. “Pennsylvania Highlands students who have earned their associate degrees in these career fields will be able to continue their education as seamlessly as possible.”

“Pennsylvania Highlands is very excited to work with Penn College to provide these opportunities for our students,” said Pennsylvania Highlands President Walter Asonevich. “We recognize the tremendous investment that our students make in their education and believe that these collaborative efforts are the key to easing some of those burdens.”

The accounting baccalaureate will prepare students with the skills necessary to meet increased accounting demands now and in the future. The Penn Highlands program lays a strong foundation for Penn College’s upper-level course work that is designed to prepare students to be successful in earning professional accounting certifications. The business management degree from Pennsylvania Highlands will transfer into the business administration: management concentration degree at Penn College.

Both of the Penn College programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs. With appropriate course selection, Pennsylvania Highlands students can complete the baccalaureate degrees in two additional years at Penn College.

The culinary arts and systems major at Penn College will accept graduates of the restaurant/culinary management program at Pennsylvania Highlands. It requires three years on the Penn College campus. The degree prepares students for management and leadership in a variety of hospitality operations.

“The goals of a community college are to provide access to students and see them through to completion of an associate degree,” Asonevich said. “As we continue to develop these agreements, we recognize that we have an additional charge, which is to help our students see beyond their original goal and continue to move forward with their education.”

Graduates of technical majors at Pennsylvania Highlands can enter the technology management bachelor’s degree at Penn College. The degree offers associate-degree completers an opportunity to add management and supervision skills to a solid base of technical skills. Course work may be completed online or on the Penn College campus.

For more information, contact Carol Lugg, director of transfer initiatives at Penn College, at 570-320-2400, ext. 7308, or by email.

For more about Penn College, which is celebrating its Centennial throughout 2014, email the Admissions Office or call toll-free 800-367-9222.