Penn College History Trail Merits National Recognition

Published 06.19.2014

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Faculty & Staff

The History Trail, a commemorative walking tour of Pennsylvania College of Technology’s main campus that vibrantly connects visitors to the institution’s century of accomplishment, has been nationally recognized for helping to “make the past more meaningful for all Americans.”

Penn College was recently notified by the American Association for State and Local History that the trail, installed last fall in conjunction with the college’s 100th anniversary, was among the projects honored with an Award of Merit from the AASLH Leadership in History Awards.

Penn College’s award-winning History Trail includes a sign at the entrance to Madigan Library.“Penn College’s History Trail is an excellent public history project,” said Melinda Meyer, a volunteer with the AASLH State Leadership Team for the awards program. “Their wayside markers and complementary website connect the college’s history with that of the Greater Williamsport community in a way that is fun and educational and accessible to all. They’ve done a tremendous job capturing and presenting stories collected from past faculty and students, and community residents and leadership. "

Terri Blanchette, a volunteer with the awards program’s National Leadership Team, especially appreciated the attention to detail in making the all-weather markers accurate and informative, yet appealing and interesting to viewers.

“Capturing the history that is gone to make way for ‘progress,’ including the college buildings – and then reconnecting the community to that history – not only honored the community's roots but also saved valuable information for future generations,” she said. “This project is a national model for other organizations that may want to connect with their community, especially if their sole or primary function is not that of a museum or history organization.”

The college’s award will be presented during a Sept. 19 banquet at the 2014 AASLH annual meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota.

“To receive an Award of Merit from the Leadership in History Awards during our Centennial year is truly an honor for Penn College,” President Davie Jane Gilmour said. “I invite members of the community to come on campus to walk the Penn College History Trail and learn more about the institution. The college has been part of this community now for a century. The history trail captures the essence of that connection.”

Developed by six employees in College Information & Community Relations, the Penn College History Trail winds its enlightening path through 17 stops, where freestanding signage – featuring archival and recent photographs, illustrative text, and fun facts – breathe life into decades of history.

The main campus entrance is described in a marker that is part of the college’s recently honored History Trail.“I want to congratulate the staff – and most especially K. Park Williams (coordinator of digital publishing), who led a small group that made the original proposal for the project – for designing and producing this award-winning History Trail,” department director Elaine J. Lambert said. “While honoring the legacies of the institution's leaders for the past century through its work on a number of Centennial projects, the staff also has now created its own legacy by leaving this History Trail for future generations to enjoy.”

The Nashville, Tennessee-based AASLH has sponsored the national awards program since 1945, with winners representing the best in the field and providing leadership for the future of state and local history.

The college’s award is one of 77 conferred this year by the nonprofit association upon people, projects, exhibits, books and organizations.

The Leadership in History Awards represent a yearlong, national effort that requires many hours of volunteer work. A national committee comprises representatives from 14 regions around the United States, and each state has at least one leadership chair who makes sure the best projects are brought to the attention of AASLH.

A complete list of sites along the Penn College History Trail, along with photos and narratives that put them in historical perspective, can be found online.

For more about the college, where the Centennial celebration continues throughout 2014, email the Admissions Office or call toll-free 800-367-9222.