Holiday Cheer? It's 'in the Cards' at Annual Decorating Party

Published 11.22.2013

Student News
Faculty & Staff

Members of the The Diesel Performance Club show commendable concentration and attention to detail amid the hubbub.A pile of paint cans frames Student Activities' Malinda C. Love, assistant director for diversity and cultural life, and Benjamin R. Mix, event assistant.Oversized wooden cards, some colorfully completed and others challengingly blank, fill the bustling General Services warehouse.Per usual (and in the name of festive fun), not all the paint ends up on the project.Its work complete, the Student American Dental Hygienists' Association finds something to beam about.More than 200 people attended Thursday's traditional holiday card-decorating bash in the General Services warehouse along Reach Road, an event marked by "lots of drilling, hammering and some glitter," and punctuated by laughter, music and the occasional paint skirmish. Twenty-seven of 39 campus organizations and offices employed tools of the artist's trade to bring their holiday designs to life; others picked up their wooden canvases for off-site adornment. Refreshments were as plentiful as the participants' creative ideas - Dining Services' cookies were a particular hit - with cider, hot chocolate, pizza and Rice Krispies treats adding to the variety. The larger-than-life greeting cards will be installed on the Breuder Advanced Technology and Health Sciences Center mall during the coming week and will be lighted in a traditional ceremony at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 4.
Photos by Marc T. Kaylor, student photographer