Semester's Final Etiquette Dinner Held

Published 11.13.2013


With the help of Shawnalee E. Miller, Career Services secretary (left background), students manually form lowercase b's and d's as a "hand-y" way to remember which drink and bread plate go with their respective place setting.Students join their mentors for an après-dinner group photo.With a potential "meal ticket" at stake, student diners dress to impress.The evening's mentors, from left, are Mark A. Ciavarella, assistant professor of business administration/management; Annmarie Phillips, a longtime college supporter from business and industry; and 2012 physician assistant alumna Casey L. Braun.Just the words can stir up a touch of anxiety for all except the highly experienced gala-goers, but is "dining etiquette" important? Penn College Career Services held its final fall Etiquette Dinner on Tuesday evening in Le Jeune Chef Restaurant, allowing students to brush up on their table manners in the event a prospective employer decides to interview over a meal at a restaurant. “Being uneasy, not knowing how to navigate a lunch, dinner or reception, can cause one to lose that all-important focus needed for a successful business outcome,” said Career Services' Dana R. Suter, coordinator of the event. “You start worrying so much about which fork to use you can’t have a good conversation.”
Photos by Erin S. Shultz, coordinator of career development, and Suter, coordinator of part-time student employment and career programming