Business Alum Arranges Beneficial 'Return' for Student Investors

Published 10.10.2013

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The Financial Markets Investment Lab provides a fitting venue for business students' audience with a successful alumnus.Shawn A. Wilson offers career insight.Shawn A. Wilson, who graduated from Penn College in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, returned to the college Tuesday to share his “real world” wisdom with participants in the Student Managed Investment Fund. After graduation, Wilson started his career in banking before opening S.A. Wilson & Associates, a successful financial planning firm in Lewistown and State College. In addition to talking about how his Penn College education prepared him for his career – he particularly commended Roy A. Fletcher, assistant professor of business administration/banking and finance, for being a tough and knowledgeable mentor – he spoke with students about the significant regulatory changes that occurred as a result of the recent financial crisis and how he navigated those regulations while starting his firm.