Dining Services Prepares for Coming Semester, Honors Two Staff Members

Published 08.16.2013

Faculty & Staff

Dining Services staff attend a strategic-planning session.Amid co-workers gathered in Penn's Inn, Crissy L. McGinness, director of dining services, congratulates honorees Patti E. Durrwachter ... ... and Lee R. Whittington Sr.Sharon A. Berger, registered dietitian (with Joey L. Taddeo, dining services worker), demonstrates the dangers of cross-contamination with the purple "Germ Bug."Dining Services employees attended staff-development activities earlier this week in preparation for opening of dining units for Welcome Weekend and the fall semester. Staff attended sessions on safety, strategic planning and interacting with students who have special diets. The department also gave out awards to two familiar faces from the Capitol Eatery: Lee R. Whittington Sr. and Patti E. Durrwachter. Whittington received the Award of Excellence, which recognizes a Dining Services employee who has displayed an unsurpassable level of dedication – not only to the department, but also to the college and its students. He was chosen by his fellow employees because he maintains a positive work attitude, is helpful and courteous to others, and truly loves what he does. Durrwachter was presented with the 5-Star Award, a peer-to-peer program that encourages employees to recognize their colleagues with cards when the recipient has done something positive or helpful toward the team or a customer. Durrwachter received the most cards during the 2012-13 school year.
Photos by Amy S. Lingg, Dining Services marketing assistant