Rose Street RAs Sweep First Residence Life Awards of '13

Published 03.22.2013

Student News

The first student honorees of the new year – all four of them from Rose Street Commons – have been announced by Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Residence Life Office.

Andrew R. Hatch RA of the Month
Selected as Resident Assistant of the Month from among his peers was Dauphin Hall's Andrew R. Hatch, a welding technology major from Shillington.

"This RA has stepped up and is showing great initiative with his daily responsibilities and with the Living/Learning Community," staff wrote. "He recently hosted several of his community members to attend the BMW executive program (a campus visit from alumnus Thomas C. Baloga) and then followed up with a successful wing and pizza social for his area. He is consistent with communication and planning events for his residents. He is quick to follow up with students who need attention, and he helps to steer the Dauphin RA staff with support and suggestions."

Lauren M. FuraRising Star of the Month
The January/February Rising Star is Lauren M. Fura, of Reading, a pre-occupational therapy assistant major – also based in Dauphin Hall.

"This student is gaining momentum in the RA position. She has become one of the most consistent programmers and truly has a passion for serving students," Residence Life staff said. "She is developing new competencies such as confronting student behavior and realizing when she needs assistance with the job. She has one of the best dispositions for handling students in difficult situations and she is constantly seeking feedback from her coordinator about how she handles her responsibilities. She works to stay in tune with her Residence Life team for the good of her residents."

Tyler M. Dochat‘First Responders’ Award
Chosen for “First Responder” honors was Tyler M. Dochat, of Womelsdorf, a Resident Assistant in Lancaster Hall.

"This award is given for exceptional performance during an emergency, crisis or serious situation. This RA maintained composure in the midst of difficult circumstances," staff said of Dochat, a diesel technology major. "His quick actions, composure and ability to take control resulted in favorable outcomes for all involved."

Kyle S. Mullin‘Always Hallways’ Award
Clinton Hall's Kyle S. Mullin, of Pottsville, a welding and fabrication engineering technology major from Pottsville, was accorded 2013's first “Always Hallways” honors.

"This Resident Assistant is an overall outstanding student (Student Government Association, Sigma Nu Fraternity, Senior Resident Assistant) with an excellent GPA," staff explained. "He has been awarded the 'Always Hallways' (award) because of his outstanding management of the Honda/Ford students residing in his area." Students in Penn College's Honda and Ford ASSET majors alternate between their on-campus lab work and time with an automotive dealership, creating the need to "switch out" housing assignments every eight weeks.

"This RA has the responsibility of turning rooms in a short time to prepare for the next group of students," Residence Life officials said. "While most RAs have to do inventories, check rooms and prep keys twice a year, he has to do this on a regular basis. This RA has played an important part in developing a wonderful community with the residents on his floor."