Students Stalk Stockings in Campus Treasure Hunt

Published 12.12.2012

Student News

Two of Wednesday's stocking sleuths claim their winnings.

Finders, keepers – students who located hidden stockings claimed prizes at the Field House.

With "cache" in hand, another lucky searcher visits the Field House.

In what the organizer said was the biggest craze since "Elf on a Shelf," students canvassed Penn College on Wednesday in search of 10 Intramural Stocking Stuffers that were hidden across main campus the night before. Only two remained undiscovered by 9 p.m., and intramural assistant Jeremy R. Bottorf (who also provided the photos) said both were well-hidden. "Students have been coming to the Field House asking how many stockings remain and if hints are allowed to be given," he said. "Two students explained that they looked through all of the bushes on campus and still had no luck. And one group formed a search party of six students looking for the stockings!" Among the hiding places were the Bush Campus Center elevator, the door to WPTC-FM, the athletic trainer's office in Bardo Gym and the campus mailroom in the Breuder Advanced Technology and Health Sciences Center. Those lucky enough to find stockings were asked to bring them to the Field House to claim prizes that include  T-shirts, glow-in-the-dark cups and lanyards. The hunt – designed both for Finals Week fun and to acquaint participants with campus (and with the Field House, in particular) – was open only to Penn College students, with a limit of one stocking per person.