Students' Hands-On Preparedness Gets Green Thumbs-Up From Employers

Published 04.17.2012

Landscape/Plant Production
School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies News

Penn College's landscape/horticulture technology program is a thriving source of skilled workers for the nation's "green" industry, as evidenced by satisfied employers at a recent Career Fair in the School of Natural Resources Management. "Students from Penn College who are coming out ... already have that hands-on experience," Ruppert Landscape's Adrian Karver says in the newest addition to the college's YouTube video channel. "It's like they've already been through a season in the field. They can hit the ground running immediately, and that's huge." His sentiments corroborate those of Career Fair regular David Foresman, of Brickman. "When they're studying plants at Penn College, they're outside looking at the plants. They're feeling the plants, they're looking at the leaves, the foliage and the buds," he said. "They've done planting, they've done maintenance, they've done hardscapes. This is all built into their curriculum. That's the reason that we're here; we always will be." The campus community is encouraged to watch, "like" and share Penn College videos via their favorite social media.