College's Status as Technical Resource Reinforced in Plastics Workshop

Published 06.15.2010

Polymer Engineering

Matthew S. Witmer, left, and Bradley J. Stroup, Plastics Manufacturing Center research assistants and graduates of Penn College's plastics and polymer engineering technology major, demonstrate low-temperature, drop-dart impact testing of polyethylene parts PMC technician and college alumna Jessica A. Fischer explains how to evaluate the quality of rotomolding powders Justin Cart, of Akro Plastics in Kent, Ohio, measures 100 grams of powder during a materials-preparation lab John R. Bartolomucci, assistant professor of plastics technology at Penn College, discusses tensile testing of rotomolded samples Presenter Jerry Ramsey, of New Berlin Plastics, uses a soda bottle to replicate the movement of powder during the rotational-molding process About two dozen industry employees attended the Plastics Manufacturing Center's second Hands-On Rotational Molding Workshop on Monday and Tuesday, moving between classroom training and laboratory experience in material preparation, molding and parts testing. The event was presented by Paul Nugent, one of the world's leading rotational-molding consultants, in partnership with the PMC's Rotational Molding Center of Excellence and the Association of Rotomolders International. Students and graduates of the college's bachelor-degree major in plastics and polymer engineering technology assisted in the sessions as research assistants for the PMC.