Tankless Water Heaters Save Energy in Multiple Ways

Published 03.08.2010


A tip/suggestion highlighted atthis past weekend's West Branch Susquehanna Builders Association Home Show regards water conservation: "Most homes in North America use a storage tank water heater to provide domestic hot water. This unit keeps water hot 24/7. A 'tankless water heater ignites the water as needed, reducing energy consumption and household water heating bills up to 50 percent." The Penn College Energy Conservation Subcommittee and the U.S. Department of Energy remind that, if all Americans used tankless water heaters, 91 million tons of carbon dioxide annually would be kept out of the atmosphere, there would be a reduction in the number of tank water heaters (which cannot be recycled) going to landfills each year, and the nation's overall dependence on nonrenewable resources would decrease.