To 'Sleep,' Perchance to Conserve

Published 02.16.2009


Put your gaming consoles to "sleep" flip the switch! Xbox360 and PlayStation3, if left on continuously, use twice as much energy annually as a household's largest appliance: the refrigerator. When electricity is not billed independently, as in on-campus housing, it isoften not thought to conserve. The National Resource Defense Council encourages gaming-console owners to set their systems to an automatic "sleep" function. The most aggressive way to save power with a gaming console is to place its plug into a power strip and, when turning off the system, turn off the strip, as well. This will save energy (electricity), cut costs and carbon-dioxide emissions. This Green Tip of the Week from the Energy Conservation Subcommittee comes from committee member Jim Green via Mike Prinkey, physical plant energy engineer at The Pennsylvania State University.