Conference Attendees' Informative Travels Include Stop at ESC

Published 08.08.2008


Students learn backhoe operation An adventure into Detroit Diesel Dyno Operation Students get hands-on experience designing landscape plans using computer softwareOn Friday, the Schneebeli Earth Science Center welcomed students from the 2008 C5 Conference. The students were divided into three groups that rotated among landscape design and diesel-engine and backhoe operation. Horticulture instructor Carl Bower Jr. explained the differences between hand-drawn plans and those created by software programs. Ryan W. Peck, lab assistant for diesel equipment technology, instructed students on backhoe operation outside the ESC sawmill. Under his supervision, students took control of a Caterpillar 430 backhoe while their classmates anxiously awaited their turn. Mike Kilpatrick, diesel equipment lab technician,showed students how to use Dyno Lab equipment to test an engine's horsepower, revolutions per minute and torque, as well as to monitori temperatures and fuel levels. From behind a thick wall of safety glass, several volunteers operated the diagnostic laptops in the Dyno Lab while the rest of the class listened to the engine's roar as it was put through several tests. ( Photos by Melissa M. Stocum, coordinator of matriculation and retention, School of Natural Resources Management)