Emergency-Response Information Distributed

Published 08.16.2007


As a new academic year begins on campuses across the country, safety and security are on the minds of administrators, faculty, parents, students and the public. Last year's tragic events at Virginia Tech were a harsh reminder of potential dangers on college campuses and in all public places.

In a time of emergency, the college's first priority is to ensure the safety of students, employees and campus guests. An In Case of Emergency information sheet has been distributed to all employees via interoffice mail. This yellow sheet (two-sided) provides information on how to respond in an emergency and what to expect should a campuswide emergency occur.

Next week, posters will be distributed and placed in classrooms and other areas to provide on-site information as well. All are encouraged to review this information so that, in case of an emergency, they know how to respond and what type of actions and communications to expect. The information also is available online .

The college's Emergency Response System was reviewed over the summer and new technology a PCT alerts emergency response text-messaging system will be introduced at the start of the semester. Employees and students will be given additional details and encouraged to subscribe to this new system.

Thank you very much for your attention to this important matter. Questions or concerns may be directed to William Martin, senior vice president; Penn College Police Chief Chris Miller; or Elaine Lambert, director of college information and community relations.