Summer PLUS 2007 Concludes With Students Joining 'Connections'

Published 07.24.2007

Student News

Well-equipped computer lab aids instruction Making friends A wave for the photographer On Thursday, 20 incoming Penn College students completed the five-week Summer PLUS 2007 program offered by Academic Support Services. In addition to taking a math, English or reading noncredit course, the students were involved in college-preparation activities such as Project Success, introduction-to-computers classes and library workshops. The program also offered a field trip to historic Lewisburg and Bucknell University. During the final week of the program, students were given the opportunity to retake the placement test in the area they studied over the summer. With 17 of the students (85 percent) placing into a higher course, results were indicative of their hard work and the success of the program. Summer PLUS 2007 concluded with the students joining Wednesday's Connections session. ( Photos by Henriette K. Evans, Act 101 academic and career specialist)