Environmental Students Join Fourth-Graders in Assessing Stream's Health

Published 05.03.2007

Student News

Penn College students collect organisms in Millers Run The Sheridan 'bug count' gets under way Students become teachers for the day Students in Penn College's environmental technology program teamed up with fourth-graders from Sheridan Elementary School to study the benethic organisms of Millers Run in Williamsport on Wednesday. Millers Run is a small stream that flows through Bruce Henry Park in Loyalsock Township. not far from the pupils' school. College students obtained samples of the macroinvertebrates from the stream, then helped the elementary students identify the organisms. Approximately 40 youngsters from Sheridan participated in this fun activity, while studying water quality as part of the requirements under the Pennsylvania Department of Educations standards for Environment and Ecology. Students identified mayflies, stoneflies and water pennies, plus numerous other organisms. Based on the organisms found, Millers Run appears to be a healthy stream even though it runs through a residential neighborhood and park. ( Photos by Debra A. Buckman, assistant professor of environmental technology)