Students Urged to Recycle Cartridges; Program Passes $1,000 Mark for Scholarships

Published 09.15.2006


Penn College students can help build scholarship opportunities by recycling their printer cartridges on campus.

The recycling program, which recycles inkjet and laser cartridges, as well as empty fax cartridges, started in March. The empty cartridges are sent to the Cartridge World store at 1818 E Third St., and the proceeds are placed in Penn College's general scholarship fund.

The Penn College Foundation recently received another check for empty cartridges, bringing the total since March to $1,261 for the scholarship fund. Employees also are encouraged to participate in the recycling program. The cartridges can come from college-owned or personal printers and fax machines. The recycling program accepts empty fax-machine cartridges, inkjet cartridges, and laser cartridges made by HP, Lexmark, Canon, Dell, Epson and Brother.

Students can use the printer- and fax-cartridge recycling bins in on-campus housing complexes, or drop the cartridges in the recycling bin near the Student Activities desk in the Bush Campus Center.

Employees can send the empty printer and fax-machine cartridges through interoffice mail to Joe Geffre, director of mail and document services, DIF #167, or use the recycling bin in the Campus Center.