Panel Discussions, Student Talent Highlight Business 'Showcase'

Published 04.12.2005


Discussion of a timely topic and displays of student talent were among the highlights of Monday's School of Business and Computer Technologies Showcase and Advisory Committee meeting.

A full afternoon's agenda began with a panel discussion, "Fighting the Plague of Identity Theft: Current Issues and Technological Advancements," which outlined some of the ways that law enforcement, the public and Pennsylvania College of Technology are combating the spectre of identify fraud.

Using his own face as a model, speaker Daniel Munyan demonstrates how a two-dimensional image can be transformed into a 3-D tool to aid proper identification.Daniel Munyan and Kirby McKinney, chief scientists for GSS Identity Labs, Computer Sciences Corp., addressed some of the high-tech tools that once were the stuff of science-fiction films but now have very practical applications: the use of facial-recognition software by police agencies, voice-recognition software to control employee access to secure areas, iris-scanning programs to positively determine who can retrieve sensitive computer data and dissemination of three-dimensional photos during the crucial early hours of missing-child cases.

James E. Cunningham, Penn College' s chief technology officer, detailed some of the ways that the institution protects the privacy of its students and employees in spite of the volume of personal information that it is required to collect for purposes of financial aid, payroll, etc. Those features include the safeguards inherent in the IBM mainframe used by the college, as well as passcode-controlled access to the server-storage area.

Others taking part in the discussion included college faculty members Walter J. Landen, professor, legal assistant; and Dr. Eric K. Albert, associate professor, machine tool technologies/automated manufacturing.

Brandon S. Sisino (left) and Dustin S. Eck were among student presenters for Monday's %22Showcase.%22Later in the afternoon, three students presented abstracts about their major projects/activities: Brandon S. Sisino, Cogan Station; and Dustin S. Eck, Williamsport (both majoring in business administration-banking and finance) offered a financial-planning proposal; and Ryan K. Zimmerman, South Williamsport (a data communications/networking major), explained a Web-based calendar system.

Other events included a panel discussion on "The Real World Learning Experience," spotlighting the value of internships and co-operative employment; a "meet and greet" event for students to share their capstone projects with Advisory Committee members; and dinner meetings in the Professional Development Center .

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