Lycoming Squeaks By in Flag Football Scorefest

Published 11.11.2004


Lycoming College defeated Penn College 46-45 in a Tuesday flag football game that was characterized by Lisa J. Worth, athletic assistant, as "a shootout right to the end."

"What a game!," she said."One team would score a touchdown and, on the very next drive, the other team would score. Even with the very low temperatures, the game was very high scoring. Neither team played well on defense!"

With just two seconds left to play, Penn College had the ball on Lycoming's 10-yard line. Quarterback Kyle Bachman threw into the end zone, where Steve Bartas was triple-covered. Bachman threw high, and Bartas jumped to take the ball out of the defenders' hands and score a touchdown to make it 46-45.

Penn College had the opportunity to tie the game with a one-point conversion or try to win. Penn College players did not want an overtime, so they went for a two-point conversion. Bachman's pass into the end zone was incomplete,and the game ended 46-45.

"It was one of the best flag football games I have ever watched," Worth said. "It went right down to the last seconds of the game. It could only have been better if we won."

Box Score for Penn College
Kyle Bachman threw six touchdowns and ran for one
John Handy caught two TD passes and converted an extra point
Steve Bartas caught one TD pass and converted one extra point
Jim Gaudier caught one TD pass and converted one extra point
Matt Melusky caught one TD pass
Matt Rankin had one interception for the Penn College defense

Penn College Team members
Steve Bartas, Chris DiFazio, John Handy, Matt Rankin, Kevin Donovan, Mike Spencer, Matt Melusky, Troy Glasgow, Dan Pennypacker, Josh Shelley, Ben Hall, Alan Levell, Jim Gaudier, Danny Mitchell, Klye Bachman, Jared Rabell, Matt Leet, Derek Rinaldo, Dane Huffman and Dan Mitchell.