Collision Repair Students Help With Paramedic Lab Equipment

Published 08.27.2004

Student News

Ryan C. Chilson, Bradley A. Larson, Fred A. Schneider III, and Eric S. Chilson reinstall the driver's door Friday morning in the Paramedic Lab. (Photo by Stephen T. Duna, instructor of collision repair)Freshmen in the Introduction to Repair Procedures course offered by the School of Transportation Technology's Collision Repair Program worked on a crash car Friday that will be used by Paramedic students.

The students reinstalled doors on the crash car, which is the passenger compartment of a compact car that has been placed on a rotisserie device. The rotisserie will allow instructors to tilt the vehicle as if it were on its side.

Paramedic students will practice extricating people from the car, which has a removable roof. The new Paramedic Lab, on the ground floor of the Klump Academic Center, also includes an ambulance with working lights and sirens and emergency-room booths.

Stephen T. Duna, instructor of collision repair, volunteered hours this summer to help prepare the crash car.