College Announces Dean's List for Spring 2001 Semester

Published 05.19.2001

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The dean's list for the Spring 2001 semester at Pennsylvania College of Technology has been announced:

Nicole L Abbey, Early Childhood Education, Ulysses Thomas P Abernatha, Culinary Arts Technology, Montoursville William A Abersold, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology, Arnold Rebecca Aikey, Networking and Technical Support, Harrisburg Shad Alexander, General Studies, Knoxville William H Allen, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Muncy Kellie R Allison, Business Administration, Williamsport Steve Anderson, Networking and Technical Support, Williamsport Peter J Anderson II, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Copenhagen, N.Y. William J Atkinson, Culinary Arts Technology, Butler Childeric J Auguste, Automotive Technology, Philadelphia Wesley E Auker, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, Bellefonte Theodore D Austin, Civil Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore

Michael J Babski, Collision Repair Technician, Newport Eric B Bagley, Business Administration, Williamsport Kimberley M Bailey, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Mansfield Nicholas S Bailey, Business Administration, Middleburg Christopher E Baker, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Northumberland Randy L Baldwin, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Lock Haven Diana L Ball, Forest Technology, Sinnamahoning Steve W Ball Jr, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Pennsdale Toby M Baltzer, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Trout Run David I Balzer, Architectural Technology, Washington, N.J. Thomas A Barner, Electrical Technology, Jersey Shore Travis C Barnhart, Automotive Technology, Hanover Melinda S Barrett, Business Management, Harrison Valley Christopher E Barsis, Analysis and Design Concentration, New Columbia Brian C Bartels, Welding Technology, Meshoppen Thomas L Barth, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Lock Haven Jason W Bates, Building Construction Technology, Greensburg Nicole A Beagle, Baking and Pastry Arts, Millville Jonathan Beals, Electronics Engineering Technology, Arnot Daniel C Beaver, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Bethlehem Peter C Beck, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, West Chester Jennifer L Beckwith, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Jersey Shore Juliya Belko, Dental Hygiene, Denver Rain B Bell, General Studies, Williamsport Robert A Belles, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Nescopeck Mary J Bellis, Business Management, Mansfield Tatyana Belyy, Dental Hygiene, Ephrata Michael J Bender, Analysis and Design Concentration, Muncy Valley Kylie M Benner, Printing and Publishing Technology, Millheim Aaron J Bennese, Technical and Professional Communication, Clearfield Justin H Bentz, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Strausstown Kirk T Beres, Aviation Technology, Osceola Mills Scott T Berkebile, Automotive Technology Management, Lancaster Tammy K Berkheiser, Applied Human Services, Williamsport Donna L Berry, General Studies, Jersey Shore Christopher H Biebuyck, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Beaver Adam C Bierly, Automotive Technology Management, State College Zachariah P Biichle, Environmental Technology, Montoursville Jennings W Bird, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Canton James P Blackwell Jr, Electrical Occupations, Williamsport William F Blaisure, Electrical Occupations, Montrose Gabriel P Blasi, Technology Management, Mildred Adam H Blokzyl, Ford Asset, Rome Tanna N Boatman, Business Management, Laporte Levi A Bonnice, Construction Management, Tunkhannock Spencer L Boone, Construction Management, Bellefonte Samuel J Borneman, Diesel Technology, East Greenville Mark R Boudreau, Electronics Engineering Technology, Muncy Wesley W Boyer, Building Construction Technology, New Paris Anna E Boyle, Pre-Physician Assistant, Danville Brandon P Brace, Automotive Technology, Springville John E Bradley, Toolmaking Technology, Williamsport Adrienne M Bragg, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, Muncy Valley Travis M Breininger, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Hamburg Adam C Breisch, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Bloomsburg Jedidiah D Breon, HVAC Technology, Bellefonte Cheryl L Bressi, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Sunbury Angela D Bressler, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Williamsport Daniel K Brimmer, Automotive Service Technician, Mills Mark J Brinkash, Surveying Technology, Locust Gap Keegan A Brosious, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Sunbury Ruth M Brought, Executive Emphasis, Wellsboro Joshua J Brouillette, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Allenwood Christopher B Brown, Automotive Service Management, Hanover Timothy R Brown, Building Construction Technology, Masury, Ohio Katherine M Brumbaugh, Pre-Nursing, Montoursville Bryan E Bubb, Applied Human Services, Williamsport Douglas J Buck, Electrical Technology, Gallitzin Craig L Buffington, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, Orwigsburg Scott J Bungo, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Ramey Michele L Buries, Human Services, Montoursville Jared M Burkett, Construction Management, Hyndman Chasity L Burkey, Baking and Pastry Arts, Williamsport Kyle P Burkholder, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Williamsport Debra L Butler, Health Information Technology, Morris Matthew L Byers, Graphic Design, Milton Ryan M Byers, Graphic Design, Milton

Christian D Calehuff, Construction Management, Montoursville Jason A Caligiuri, Ford Asset, Large Jennie L Campana, General Studies, Williamsport Justin D Campbell, Networking and Technical Support, Galeton Westley S Campbell, Plastics and Polymer Technology, Westfield Kimberlee J Carey, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Williamsport Kyle D Carey, Industrial Process Control Emphasis, Selinsgrove Richard C Carnahan, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Brockway Erika R Carper, Management Concentration, South Williamsport Adam J Cartwright III, Construction Management, Drums Michael A Casselberry, Electronics Technology, Muncy Patricia R Chadderdon, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Cogan Station Honman Chau, Building Construction Technology, Hummelstown Leonard V Cicchiello, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Mount Carmel Tara R Clark, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Waveland, Miss. Aaron W Clewell, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Milton Jonathan M Coady, Electronics Technology, Bloomsburg Timothy A Coleman, Auto Body Technology, Elmer, N.J. Kimberly A Collister, Business Administration, Muncy James N Colton, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Canton Thomas S Coombs, Automotive Service Technician, Tyrone Justin M Cowles, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Cogan Station Andrew F Cozze, Ford Asset, Nazareth Jenny L Cranmer, Early Childhood Education, Hughesville Rustan J Crespo, Automotive Technology Management, Hughesville Matthew R Crist, Building Construction Technology, Williamsport William J Crooks, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, New Albany Scott E Croom, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Downingtown Donald R Croyle, Forest Technology, Williamsport Timothy G Crynock, Automotive Technology, Portage Chris Y Cummings, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Columbia Crossroads

Jodi L Damoiseau, Business Management, Wellsboro Keith E Dando, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Mifflinburg Brett L Davidson, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Walnut Bottom Jason G Davidson, Aviation Technology, Bellefonte Jason D Davis, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Cogan Station Kelli J Davis, Paramedic Technology, Lock Haven Timothy L Davis, Analysis and Design Concentration, Danville Michelle L Day, Health Information Technology, Howard Shane D Day, General Studies, South Williamsport Rochelle J De Haas, Business Management, Bellefonte Jaime K De Jesus, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Muncy Raymond A De Wispelaere Jr, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Milton Tony B Decker, HVAC Technology, Nescopeck Lisa D Deetz, Pre-Physician Assistant, Lewisburg Leann M Deitrick, Technology Management, Williamsport Harold M Dennis, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Bartonsville Jason M Dershem, Civil Engineering Technology, Lock Haven David E Dewald, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Bloomsburg Lois A Diehl, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Watsontown Thomas R Dietrich, Ford Asset, Bernville Christina M Divito, Aviation Maintenance Technology, State College Stephen R Dixon, Computer Aided Product Design, Smethport Erin L Domer, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Orangeville Jennifer E Donnelly, Graphic Design, Williamsport Peter J Dorio, Building Construction Technology, Ridgway Heather S Dorman, Pre-Physician Assistant, Picture Rocks Samantha J Dos Santos, Pre-Radiography, Wellsboro PA James F Dougherty IV, HVAC Technology, Williamsport Lauren J Douglass, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Shermansdale Marcella L Douty, Nurse/Health Care Paralegal Studies, Montgomery Jason A Drusak, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Johnstown Jeremy R Dullen, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Osceola Mills Jason L Dunlap, HVAC Technology, Chicora Jamie D Durbec, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, New Bloomfield

Mark E Earnest, Construction Carpentry, Danville Eric C Easton, Forest Technology, Montoursville Jacob M Ebling, Electronics Technology, Myerstown Gregory J Eckard, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Williamsport Dennis A Eckley, Electrical Technology, Lock Haven Joy M Edgecomb, Pre-Physician Assistant, Dover Kevin A Edmonds, Electrical Technology, Bloomsburg Thomas C Edwards, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, Freeport Kristin N Eichengreen, Food and Hospitality Management, Tuxedo, N.Y. Robert E Eisley Jr, Civil Engineering Technology, Milton Jonathan W Elliott, Construction Management, State College Adam C Elms, Civil Engineering Technology, Sheffield Jason R Engel, Banking and Finance Concentration, Williamsport Matthew G Engel, Forest Technology, Trout Run Thomas M Epting, Mack Emphasis, Topton Mihai I Epure, Masonry Emphasis, Selinsgrove Jason Evans, Ford Asset, Shickshinny Neil A Evans, Electrical Technology, Orangeville Nathan C Ewing, Automotive Technology, Selinsgrove

Zachary P Fagan, Civil Engineering Technology, Rockford, Minn. Kimberly A Farley, Nursing-Adv Place, Williamsport David P Farrell, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Northern Cambria Thomas P Fedorko, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Hazleton W Adam Fensch, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Cherry Hill, N.J. Mark A Fenstermacher, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Benton Scott M Fick, Electrical Technology, Blandon Abigail D Fickes, Business Administration, Howard Brian J Fish, Construction Management, Hawley Sean P Fisher, Masonry Emphasis, Bellefonte Dennis D Flasher, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Orbisonia Calette T Fleming, Human Services, Middlebury Center Ryan D Fleming, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Manassas, Va. Lewis W Foltz, Aviation Technology, McAlisterville Brian A Foose, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Port Matilda Joshua D Ford, Diesel Technology, Ridgway Jeremy M Forer, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Roaring Branch Linda S Forrey, Food and Hospitality Management, Selinsgrove Susan A Forsyth, Business Management, Jersey Shore Jeffery D Foster, Welding Technology, Westfield Russell H Fox, Plastics and Polymer Technology, State College Timothy M Frazier, Forest Technology, Wellsboro Scott M Frederick, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Windsor William J Frick, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Westline Brethena J Fritzen, Technical and Professional Communication, Montoursville Kathleen M Frost, Applied Health Studies, Cogan Station Emilie E Frye, Culinary Arts Technology, Williamsport Timothy A Frymoyer, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Selinsgrove Robert E Funk III, Forest Technology, Malvern

Jay L Gable, Electrical Occupations, Kylertown Lee R Gable, Construction Management, Kylertown Brian D Gardner, Electronics Engineering Technology, New Bloomfield Leon Gaskins Jr, Accounting, Williamsport Joseph J Gasparetti, Graphic Design, Martins Creek James V Gautieri III, Business Management, Williamsport Jeffery S Gazey, Aviation Technology, Wilkes-Barre Gregory W Gdula, Forest Technology, Williamsport Jessica L Gehman, Early Childhood Education, Middleburg Lucas A Geiman, CAT Emphasis, Westminster, Md. Zora R Gelnett, Baking and Pastry Arts, Paxtonville Andrew R Geoghegan, Automotive Technology, Blandon Jennifer A George, Advertising Art, Bloomsburg Brian E Gillette, Construction Management, Conneautville Clifford D Gilliland Jr, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Tidioute Joshua J Girio, Networking and Technical Support, Williamsport James A Gish, Printing and Publishing Technology, Manheim Frederick H Glazewski, Automotive Technology Management, Williamsport Michael J Goehrig, Electronics Engineering Technology, Montoursville Joseph W Gohrs, Business Administration, Montoursville Mark A Golden, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Bedford Gladys I Gonzalez, Accounting, Lock Haven Ryan P Good, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Lickingville Kristy L Gordon, Occupational Therapy Assistant, South Williamsport Christine H Gorham, Electronics Technology, Lock Haven Ann L Gotschal, General Studies, Wellsboro Stacy L Graff, Electronics Engineering Technology, Halifax Janet M Grainge, General Studies, Williamsport Kevin J Greenaway Jr, Electronics Technology, New Philadelphia Tyrel A Greenland, Electronics Engineering Technology, Three Springs Jonah P Gregory, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Trout Run Chad M Greiner, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Milton Stephen E Grenoble, CAT Emphasis, Pine Grove Mills Klein W Gross, Welding Technology, Danville Justin T Grow, Advertising Art, Milton Kristen M Grow, Executive Emphasis, Shamokin Ian P Groy, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Muncy Liesl M Gutknecht, Medical Emphasis, Danville

Braddon L Hackenberg, Semiconductor Processing Technology, Beavertown Brent M Hackenberg, Welding Technology, Middleburg Patricia J Haefner, Office Information Systems, South Williamsport David R Hale, Construction Carpentry, Jersey Shore Thomas D Hall, Surveying Technology, Covington Todd J Hallman, Ford Asset, Alburtis Bryan E Hamilton, Toolmaking Technology, Muncy Josette E Hampton, Broadcast Communications, Bloomsburg Matthew D Harbach, Aviation Technology, Loganton Paul K Harper, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Lemont Jamie L Harris, Medical Emphasis, Jersey Shore Jane C Hartle, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Bellefonte Eric W Hartman, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Muncy Benjamin L Hartranft, Pre-Physician Assistant, Selinsgrove Tracey M Haswell, Accounting, Williamsport Tristan D Hauck, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Montgomery Michael G Haynes, Civil Engineering Technology, Snow Shoe Scott Hays, Automotive Technology Management, Williamsport Jeremy D Hazlak, HVAC Technology, Hughesville Clint W Heimbach, Building Construction Technology, Boyertown Brett L Heinbach, Building Construction Technology, Pine Grove Courtney R Held, Applied Human Services, Loganton Matthew J Helicke, Masonry Emphasis, Washington Christopher J Hepburn, Management Concentration, South Williamsport Quinn A Hepler, HVAC Technology, Butler David J Herb, Construction Management, Wiliamsport Katye M Herr, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Spring Grove Brian E Hess, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Berwick Nathan M Hettinger, Networking and Technical Support, Sunbury Duane L Heverly, Auto Body Technology, Jersey Shore Sheryl C Hicks, Applied Human Services, Williamsport David M Hildebrand, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Red Lion Debra S Hilfiger, Applied Human Services, Trout Run Adrian T Hill, Electronics Engineering Technology, Williamsport Duncan Hill, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport Simon D Hill, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport Jason M Hilton, Analysis and Design Concentration, State College Keith A Hittle, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Mercer Sarah E Hoch, Baking and Pastry Arts, Fleetwood Dale R Hockenberry, Physical Fitness Specialist, Clearfield Jamie M Hockman, Travel and Tourism Emphasis, State College Peter J Hoffman, Toolmaking Technology, Kutztown Aaron M Holdren, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Ulster Cameron R Holt, Welding Technology, Easton, Md. Jason A Hoover, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, Saxton Oliver L Hopkins, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Harrisburg Ami S Hoppes, Pre-Nursing, Forksville Barbara E Hopple, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Cogan Station Matthew D Horn, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Shamokin Timothy A Hornberger, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Richfield Brett J Houseknecht, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Lock Haven Brandon J Howe, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, New Oxford Amy A Hoxter, Accounting, Wellsboro Jonathan M Hubler, Ford Asset, Port Clinton Jonathan H Hufman, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Somerset Celeste M Hughes, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Williamsport Justin D Humes, Construction Management, Jamison Nicolas A Humphrey, Construction Management, Warsaw, N.Y Joshua W Hunsberger, Computer Aided Product Design, Pottstown Hans Erik Hurst, Networking and Technical Support, Williamsport Brooke L Hutchings, Office Information Systems, Beech Creek Heather A Hutchings, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Williamsport Sherry L Hyland, Pre-Nursing, Linden

Daniel R Izer, HVAC Technology, Greencastle

Scott M Jacobs, Toolmaking Technology, Enola Raymond J Janesky, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Hop Bottom John D Jarrett, Construction Carpentry, Jersey Shore Keith L Jeffcoat, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Elkridge, Md. Jenny A Jennings, Toolmaking Technology, Monroeton Robert J Jensen, Automotive Technology Management, Carlisle Adam C Johnson, Building Construction Technology, Malvern Amy F Johnson, Networking and Technical Support, Towanda Derek R Johnston, Aviation Technology, Fairport, N.Y. Jason R Jones, Radiography, Williamsport Jesse A Jones, Electrical Occupations, Johnsonberg

Zachary A Kauffman, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, York Haven Seth A Kearchner, Toyota Emphasis, Frederick, Md. Ryan W Keates, Graphic Design, Pequea Sean H Kellner, Electrical Technology, Pottsville Joseph Kempf, Building Construction Technology, Lititz Ryan S Kendrick, Electronics Technology, Mansfield Laura A Keppel, Analysis and Design Concentration, Montoursville Heidi R Kerstetter, Business Management, Liverpool Sarah K Kibbe, Applied Human Services, Knoxville Kara L Kightlinger, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Williamsport John H Kim, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport Jaime L King, Baking and Pastry Arts, Lock Haven Dallas W Kinley Jr, Business Management, Mill Hall Carlton F Kinzer, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Lititz Michael P Kipila, Automotive Technology, Bethlehem Michael J Kittell, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Irvine Christian M Kleintop, Graphic Design, Palmerton Andrew J Kline, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Macungie Brenda N Kline, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Montoursville Michael E Klinger, Radiography, Northumberland Chad E Klingler, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Knox Jared A Knechel, Aviation Emphasis, Montoursville Barrett L Knepp, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Beaver Springs Patrice A Knepp, Computer Applications Technology, Lock Haven Joseph W Kocevar, Plastics and Polymer Technology, Harrisburg Matthew W Koenig, Automotive Technology Management, Walton, N.Y. Troy Kopicz, Electronics Technology, Mohrsville Andrew J Kozlosky, Automotive Technology, New Philadelphia Jarrod B Krahe, Construction Management, Erie Brandee J Krall, Management Concentration, Watsontown Colleen M Krall, Management Concentration, Watsontown Rebecca E Krall, Computer Aided Product Design, Watsontown Daniel C Krebs, HVAC Technology, Coal Township Nathan M Krepinevich, Building Construction Technology, Pittsburgh Sarah E Kriner, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport Jeffrey T Kroh, Diesel Technology, Ashland Jessica A Kruleski, Printing and Publishing Production, Danville Kevin A Kufro, Electronics Engineering Technology, Freeland Mark A Kuhns, Diesel Technician, Millmont Jeremy S Kunkel, Architectural Technology, Kutztown Kristofer S Kurzweg, Automotive Technology Management, Fleetwood Brian R Kuzma, Aviation Technology, Kulpmont

Steven B Lacock, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Quakertown David R Landgarten, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, West Chester Michael C Landon, Diesel Technology, Canton Erin K Laub, Pre-Nursing, Lewistown James C Laughlin, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, New Alexander John T Laurie, Aviation Technology, Warren Danielle S Lavinder, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Columbia Brandon L Lebo, Construction Management, Boiling Springs Faith L Lehman, Graphic Design, Pine Grove Kristen M Leidy, Architectural Technology, State College Andrew J Leigey, Toyota Emphasis, Milton Zachary A Leight, Networking and Technical Support, Brogue Joshua A Lender, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Hesston Kenneth M Lersch, Building Construction Technology, Hatfield Adam H Lester, Electronics Engineering Technology, Johnstown Maciej R Lewandowski, Automotive Technology Management, Williamsport Benjamin L Lewis, Building Construction Technology, Clarion James C Lewis, Electronics Engineering Technology, Avis James D Lewis, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Montgomery Ryan M Libby, Ford Asset, Shamokin Mark B Liddle, Printing and Publishing Technology, Pottsville Kenneth P Lindermuth, Electronics Technology, Brookville Geoffrey D Lingle, Pre-Physician Assistant, Muncy Andrew S Littlejohn, Construction Management, Blandon Adam D Livingston, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Dover Daniel J Loncher, Industrial Process Control Emphasis, Tyrone Christine M Long, Technology Management, New Columbia Jason C Long, Electronics Technology, Williamsport Peter E Lopes, Networking and Technical Support, Lock Haven Joseph C Luther, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Fallentimber Jason E Luzier, Ford Asset, Enola Jennings E Lynch, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Friedens Paul J Lyon, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Kirkwood

Shawn E Madden, Electronics Engineering Technology, Cleona Richard A Maguire, Construction Carpentry, Bloomsburg Bethany C Major, Graphic Design, Williamsport Shawn M Major, Analysis and Design Concentration, Williamsport William M Malicki, Construction Management, Wilkes-Barre Thomas A Malkemes, Auto Body Technology, Tunkhannock Vamsi K Manga, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport Bethany K Manofsky, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Nescopeck Ryan R Marhefka, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Bradford Angelo L Martarano, Electronics Technology, Bloomsburg Darrell A Martin, Building Construction Technology, Annville Michael D Martin, Architectural Technology, Millersburg Thomas L Martz, Construction Carpentry, Williamsport Urbanus M Masaku, Aviation Technology, Wichita, Kan. Carmon M Mastracchio, Baking and Pastry Arts, Newport Hrvoje Matijevic, Aviation Technology, Croatia Jeremy M Matruder, Applied Human Services, Williamsport Eric R Mattern, Culinary Arts Technology, Elysburg Richard S Mattrazzo, Building Construction Technology, Summit Hill Richard M Maurer, Business Administration, DuBoistown Jason E Mausteller, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Pennsdale Nelson C May, Electronics Technology, Martins Creek Joshua F Mazzei, Aviation Technology, Hollidaysburg Maria Mazzillo, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Swoyersville Kristen J McCall, Automotive Technology Management, Philadelphia Kathleen L McCarthy, Management Concentration, Mansfield Joanna R McCarty, Baking and Pastry Arts, Newville James D McCliment, Pre-Physician Assistant, Philipsburg Samuel W McCloskey, Automotive Service Technician, Loganton Thomas A McConnell, Construction Management, Renfrew Blake J McCoy, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Pennsdale Avonia L McCreary, Accounting, Mansfield Joseph S McDonald, Automotive Technology Management, Castle Creek, N.Y. Brent R McGonigal, Pre-Radiography, Mill Hall Colin G McGrath, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Warren Michael S McGuckin, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Trout Run Sarah J McInnis, Graphic Design, Shrewsbury Michael McNaul, Technical and Professional Communication, South Williamsport Adam W McNeal, Networking and Technical Support, Unityville Corey A Mechling, Electronics Technology, Irvine Brandon L Meck, Architectural Technology, Lititz Cheryl M Meehan, Printing and Publishing Technology, Rexville, N.Y. Travis C Meiss, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, York Haven Lucas W Mellinger, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Newville Norman E Mellott Jr, Collision Repair Technology, McConnellsburg Matthew D Meloy, Computer Aided Product Design, Loyalhanna Matthew T Messimer, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Millerstown Chad A Meyer, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Bellefonte Jeremy J Michaels, Graphic Design, Harford Shane P Michaels, Diesel Technology, Morrisdale Katie A Michura, Pre-Nursing, Beech Creek Erin M Mifsud, General Studies, Montoursville Damir Mika, Aviation Emphasis, Williamsport Kristin L Miller, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Tyler Hill Scott A Miller, Graphic Design, Jersey Shore Travis A Miller, Electronics Technology, Mertztown Anthony T Miller Jr, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Ginter Wade T Mitchell, Plumbing, Liverpool Andrew B Mitterling, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Port Trevorton Wayne B Mitz, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Hanover Adam T Moffitt, Electronics Technology, Paukpack James A Mogish, Electrical Occupations, Frackville Julie A Moodler, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Jersey Shore Jarod S Moore, Building Construction Technology, Berlin Lori A Moore, Accounting, Allenwood Tymon J Moore, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore Zachary K Moore, Automotive Technology, Trout Run Brett D Morley, Construction Management, Mechanicsburg Renee J Morris, Accounting, Williamsport Michael J Morrow Jr, Building Construction Technology, Atglen Randall L Moser Jr, General Studies, Montoursville Jenny R Mosteller, Accounting, South Williamsport Brian M Moyer, Technology Management, Montoursville Mark P Moyer, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, Manheim Eric J Murnyack, Civil Engineering Technology, Clarence Eric A Myers, Semiconductor Processing Technology, Parkesburg Robert E Myers, Civil Engineering Technology, Spring Mills

Jason P Narber, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Boalsburg Justin L Neal, Electronics Engineering Technology, St. Marys Linnea Nedwood, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Williamsport Donald L Neiderberger, Physical Fitness Specialist, Muncy Scott J Nemeth, Computer Aided Product Design, Johnstown Christopher H Newberry, Aviation Technology, Jermyn Ryan L Newswanger, Architectural Technology, Pine Grove Desiree A Nichols, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Williamsport Joseph E Nicholson, Ford Asset, Philadelphia Lisa R Nogle, Pre-Physician Assistant, Bloomsburg Ruth A Nolan, Nursing, Mifflinburg Timothy A Noonan, Electronics Engineering Technology, Altoona Kevin R Novak, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport Michael S Novosel, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Mingoville Jolene T Nunn, Human Services, New Columbia

Stephanie A O'Hargan, Analysis and Design Concentration, South Williamsport Patrick F O'Rourke, Welding Technology, Glen Gardner, N.J. Edward A Oakes, Architectural Technology, Hazleton Brent K Oberholtzer, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Elizabethtown Brian D Ochs, Construction Carpentry, New Bethlehem Erin E Odell, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Williamsport David T Ohnmeiss, General Studies, Jersey Shore Joseph P Olcsvay, Architectural Technology, Benton Craig A Olechovski, Automotive Technology Management, Shelocta Krista L Olewiler, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Hellam Jeffrey R Orner, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Boiling Springs Justin R Orris, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, Loysville Bobbie J Owens, General Studies, Selinsgrove Kristy A Owens, General Studies, Watsontown

Benjamin J Page, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Newport Sonia M Pankonin, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport Jeremy C Parker, Toolmaking Technology, Canton Analissa Pasztor-Graeb, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, Williamsport Michael S Patterson, Building Construction Technology, Newton, N.J. Heather D Patton, Graphic Design, Williamsport Brian L Paulhamus, Business Administration, Montoursville Leah R Paulhamus, Biology, Salladasburg Mark A Paulhamus, General Studies, Williamsport Donna R Pauling, Pre-Nursing, Muncy William A Peck, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, McVeytown Adam E Pensyl, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Elysburg Heather M Perchinski, Mass Communications, Montoursville Elias Z Person, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Gettysburg Vincent Perta, Analysis and Design Concentration, Plains Brad P Peters, Building Construction Technology, Montoursville Heather A Peters, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Huntingdon Amy B Phillips, Baking and Pastry Arts, Baltimore. Md. Justin B Phillips, Building Construction Technology, Collegeville Michael S Polomski, Technology Management, Etters Daniel J Pongonis, Automotive Engineering Technology, Ulysses Raymond B Pongratz, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology, Somerset, N.J. Caleb P Poorman, Culinary Arts Technology, Antes Fort Linda S Poorman, Physical Fitness Specialist, Pleasant Gap Sean R Pope, Building Construction Technology, Boyertown Michelle Popoola, Pre-Physician Assistant, Queens Village, N.Y. Brian L Pressler, Building Construction Technology, Greenville Shawn L Price, Analysis and Design Concentration, Lewistown Michael J Pricer, Automotive Technology Management, Dallastown David E Pricher Jr, Building Construction Technology, Williamsport James T Pritts, Electrical Technology, Clearfield Wade R Pryor, Civil Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore Joanne M Przybycien, Applied Human Services, Wellsboro Wescott Pusey, Toolmaking Technology, Hawk Run

Amy Quigg, Applied Human Services, Muncy Michael J Quino Jr, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Annville Lucas F Quist, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Hastings

Linda L Rae, Hospitality Management, South Williamsport Jerry A Rankin, Auto Body Technology, Jersey Shore John Raup, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Shamokin Joseph C Raymer, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, Moosic Matthew J Reber, Semiconductor Processing Technology, Millersburg Willis R Reed III, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Howard Keila M Reeder, Human Services, Philipsburg James R Reese, Technology Management, Williamsport Rebecca A Reese, Applied Human Services, Wellsboro Gregory N Reichart, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Orangeville Matthew D Reiter, Construction Management, Zeiglerville Craig M Reitz, Graphic Design, Bellefonte Timothy Reitz, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Montgomery Michael J Rendos, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Lock Haven Robert S Reth, Architectural Technology, Hummelstown Ryan Rex, HVAC Technology, Erdenheim Joshua C Rice, Auto Body Technology, Perkasie Thomas P Rich Jr, Forest Technology, Kane Michelle C Richardson, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Milton Donavan J Ricker, Building Construction Technology, Elliottsburg Dustin M Rickert, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Valley View Kristofor M Rico, General Studies, Sunbury Kristi L Ritchey, Culinary Arts Technology, South Williamsport Matthew J Roan, Automotive Technology, Pennsylvania Furnace Kristopher M Robbins, Auto Body Technician, Muncy Taber A Robbins, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Columbia Cross Roads Beth A Robertson, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Clearfield Tobey M Robison, Analysis and Design Concentration, Jersey Shore Lianne L Rocco, Applied Human Services, Wilkes-Barre Matthew J Rock, Electrical Occupations, Exton Jennifer L Rogers, Electronics Engineering Technology, St. Marys Matthew D Rogers, Architectural Technology, Perkasie Neil C Rohrer, Electronics Engineering Technology, Manheim Anthony V Romano, Toyota Emphasis, Hackensack, N.J. Henry B Ronneberg, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Cogan Station Kyle W Rooney, Automotive Technology, Reading Joseph C Rose, Electrical Technology, Towanda Justin M Rosenberg, Technology Management, Holland Melissa S Roth, Automotive Technology Management, North Catasauqua Phillip E Roush, Welding Technology, Middleburg Denita A Royster, Applied Human Services, Williamsport Karen R Ruhl, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Muncy Meichi L Ruhl, Dental Hygiene, Lewisburg Brent C Ruppert, Automotive Technology Management, Springfield John K Russ, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Waynesboro Jason A Russell, Radiography, Warren Thomas L Ryan, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Lewistown Doreen R Rymell, Printing and Publishing Production, Muncy Angela D Rymer, Business Management, Jersey Shore

Anthony J Sabol, Culinary Arts Technology, Williamsport Ronald L Saiers Jr, Automotive Technology, Cogan Station Kyle G Salva, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Youngsville Aaron C Sands, Programming and Database Processing, South Williamsport Adam A Sanford, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Canisteo, N.Y. Jessica L Savage, Physical Fitness Specialist, Hastings William H Schaefer, Automotive Technology, Jersey Shore Yvonne D Schaffner, Culinary Arts Technology, Dalmatia Leah J Schell, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport Ryan J Schiavone, HVAC Technology, Mount Sinai, N.Y. Scott G Schiffer, Toolmaking Technology, Oil City Philip R Schlieder, Networking and Technical Support, Catawissa David C Schlosser, Electronics Engineering Technology, Lancaster Karolyn M Schooley, Pre-Nursing, Watsontown Angela M Schrack, Pre-Practical Nursing, Lock Haven Robert J Schwarz, Automotive Technology Management, Bloomsburg Beth A Seal, Graphic Design, Howard Heather I Seaton, Accounting, Canton Michael S Sebergandio, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Lancaster Amanda M Seely, Business Management, Osceola Christopher J Seiler, Analysis and Design Concentration, Northumberland Douglas M Serkoch, Construction Management, Williamsport Kenneth D Shaffer, Industrial Maintenance Technology, Muncy Melanie R Shaner, Early Childhood Education, Dallastown Christopher D Shawley, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Milesburg Sara Shellenberger, Applied Human Services, Northumberlnd Christi L Shingara, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Sunbury Robert W Shirey, Networking and Technical Support, Greensburg Brett L Showers, Computer Aided Product Design, Danville Walter J Shultz Jr, Networking and Technical Support, Trout Run Stephen W Shupp Jr, Construction Management, Danville Nicklas J Singer, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Emporium Charles R Siracuse, Building Construction Technology, Montrose Mara J Skoczynski, Civil Engineering Technology, Pottsville Toni M Slegle, Printing and Publishing Technology, Jersey Shore Paul K Sleva, CAT Emphasis, Pine Grove Alynne R Smallwood, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, Abbottstown Joshua D Smethers, Electrical Technology, Bloomsburg Kristy A Smith, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Mill Hall Lisa M Smith, Early Childhood Education, Williamsport Mark D Smith, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology, Wapwallopen Michael P Smith, Business Management, Williamsport Nathaniel A Smith, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Marion Center Patrick N Smith, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Montoursville Brian R Snodgrass, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Montgomery Becky J Snyder, Business Management, Lairdsville Matthew J Snyder, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Cherry Tree Rachel L Snyder, Business Management, Lewisburg Ruth A Snyder, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Montoursville Rodney A Snyder Jr, Electronics Engineering Technology, Selinsgrove Angela M Spaide, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Bloomsburg Katie L Spoerke, Applied Human Services, Cogan Station Henry J Sporer, Masonry Emphasis, Marble Adam C Spotts, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Loganton Matthew S Sprinsky, Electronics Engineering Technology, Montoursville Marcus B Stagliano, Culinary Arts Technology, Pottsville Wesley A Stahl, Architectural Technology, Mifflinburg Seth P Stamey, Building Construction Technology, Doylestown Veronica R Stanton, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Dushore Martin L Steach, Electrical Occupations, Three Springs Benjamin M Steinberger, Aviation Technology, Pottersville, N.Y. Carolyn J Steppe, Applied Human Services, Williamsport Brian D Steva, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Bradford Kory E Stevens, Collision Repair Technology, East Stroudsburg Benjamin W Stick, Forest Technology, Hanover Harry A Stine, Electronics Engineering Technology, Elysburg Kelly M Stiver, Office Information Systems, Altoona Michael E Storm, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Gallitzin Jerry L Stotler, Architectural Technology, Williamsport Matthew E Strahan, Architectural Technology, New Columbia Wendy S Streator, Practical Nursing, Lock Haven Matthew R Struble, Welding, Petersburg Rory D Stubbs, Paramedic Technology, Hughesville Raymond J Sukeena, Construction Carpentry, St. Clair Michelle J Sullivan, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport David M Sweeley II, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Williamsport Marie A Szabo, Printing and Publishing Technology, Bethlehem

Kok Lean J Tan, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Plano, Texas Lydia H Tanner, Masonry Emphasis, Jersey Shore Adam L Taylor, Automotive Technology, Moorestown, N.J. William F Test, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Curwensville Michael H Thatcher, Auto Body Technology, Susquehanna Carolyn J Thomas, Accounting, McElhattan Chad L Thomas, Building Construction Technology, West Alexander Patricia A Thomas, Business Administration, Williamsport Susanna M Thomas, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport Michael J Thomassy, Technology Management, Hanover Sabrina R Thompson, Forest Technology, Huntingdon Nicholas E Titter, Building Construction Technology, Media Megan L Tomeo, Electronics Engineering Technology, Tionesta Justin G Treher, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Chambersburg Donald L Tressler Jr, Pre-Physician Assistant, Mill Hall Philip E Trostle, Automotive Technology, Muncy Michael E Troutman, Toolmaking Technology, Selinsgrove Jonathan A Trovitch, Electronics Technology, Hazleton Josham K Turner, Aviation Technology, Yeagertown Kwabina A Twumasi, Automotive Technology Management, Williamsport

Jessie L Unangst, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, East Stroudsburg Matthew L Undercofler, Electronics Technology, West Decatur Joseph P Urso, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Sinking Spring

Sarah J Vach, Broadcast Communications, Baltimore, Md. Maya R Van Der Meer, Individual Studies, Williamsport Mark W Van Stone, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Pottsville Abbey B Vanderlin, Individual Studies, Williamsport Yidrisca M Vargas, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport Joseph D Vest, Building Construction Technology, Dushore Jesse R Viani, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Wellsville Michele L Vincent, Civil Engineering Technology, McElhattan Beau B Vincenzes, Accounting, Williamsport

Gary J Wachter, HVAC Technology, Deer Park, N.Y. Chad E Wagner, Electronics Technology, Tionesta Ellen Y Wagner, Computer Aided Drafting Technology,Avis Michele E Wagner, Pre-Radiography, Richfield Spencer M Walk, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Mill Hall David L Walker, Architectural Technology, Berwick Daryl T Waraksa, Ford Asset, Landisville Scott J Warner, Semiconductor Processing Technology, Pine Grove Joshua R Watkins, Networking and Technical Support, Ringtown William S Watson, Computer Aided Product Design, Philipsburg 66 Robert A Way, HVAC Technology, Kempton Jessica D Weaver, Baking and Pastry Arts, Marble 21 Matthew J Weaver, Toolmaking Technology, Howard Matthew W Weaver, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Coburn Nathan E Weaver, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Waynesburg Sharon H Weaver, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Berwick Elizabeth A Webster, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Montoursville Michael J Weidenhamer, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport Mary B Weinsteiger, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Bechtelsville Steven W Wemple II, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Danville Christopher J Wenner, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Williamsport Jeffrey M Wenner, Civil Engineering Technology, Williamsport Susan J Wenrich, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, Leola Elion M Wentzel I I I, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Harrisburg Brian L Werley, Industrial Maintenance Technology, Fleetwood Heidi J Wheeland, Culinary Arts Technology, South WilliamsportEben C Whitaker, Ford Asset, Trumansburg, N.Y. Pamela K White, Health Information Technology, Williamsport Philip N Wiegand, Welding Technology, Manheim Matthew J Wiley, Automotive Technology, Liberty, N.Y. Samantha L Wilkinson, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Osceola Mills Barbara M Willett, Hospitality Management, Johnstown Susan A Williams, Hospitality Management, Canton Jessie J Willis, Automotive Technology, Emmaus Ryan S Wilson, Construction Carpentry, Kane Kevin J Winkelblech, Technology Management, State College Pamela L Winner, Networking and Technical Support, Montoursville Kristofer S Winter, Aviation Technology, Cogan Station Timothy R Winter, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Cogan Station Gina M Witmer, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Watsontown Claude T Witts, Technology Management, Turbotville Christian W Woehrle, Hospitality Management, Lake Ariel Kurt F Wolbert, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Tylersburg Mandy E Wolf, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Selinsgrove Mical R Wolf, Business Administration, Hughesville Max R Wolfe, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, St. Marys Brooke L Wolfhope, Travel and Tourism Emphasis, Salix Jamie S Wood, Early Childhood Education, Williamsport Heidi J Woodling, Pre-Nursing, Beaver Springs Nicole S Woolever, Human Services, Hughesville Joel D Wright, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Hunlock Creek Brian D Wynn, Diesel Technology, Loganton

Jeffrey L Yarnell, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology, Bellefonte Christopher D Yates, Building Construction Technology, Holland Dustin M Yeager, Industrial Maintenance Technology, Boyertown Brad J Yocum, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Temple Eric W Yoder, Accounting, Lewisburg Katina S Yokim, Early Childhood Education, Brockport Ronald D Yost, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Avis Ryan P Yura, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Washington Crossing

Susan R Zaydell, Networking and Technical Support, Williamsport Philip W Zeafla, Technical and Professional Communication, Liberty Ruth A Zerance, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Berwick Jonathan M Zimmerle, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Medinah, Ill. Eric N Zimmerman, Automotive Technology, Mechanicsburg