Student Nurses Demonstrate 'Caring Art' of Nursing

Published 01.19.2001

Student News

Providing a sound foundation in medical science isn't the sole goal of a good nurse-education program. Conveying the "caring art" of nursing, as demonstrated recently by several members of the Student Nurses' Association at Pennsylvania College of Technology, is equally important in producing well-rounded health-care professionals.

The SNA at Penn College encourages students to become involved in improving community-health conditions, says Dorothy M. Mathers, associate professor of medical/surgical nursing and the faculty adviser to the group. Students volunteer their services with local community-service agencies to satisfy the association's requirements.

Several students have been particularly active participants in a food-and-clothing drive that the SNA is sponsoring for St. Anthony's Center, a social-service provider in Williamsport.

The students, all of whom are enrolled in the associate-degree nursing major at Penn College, have solicited donations and transported food and clothing three times to St. Anthony's since the drive began in November. Mathers offered high praise for the students: Dawn M. Jacobs and Veronica Reyes, both of Williamsport, and Michael S. Reidell, Avis.

"These three students have taken time out of their very busy schedules to participate in this very worthwhile cause," Mathers said. "Nursing courses are extremely rigorous and time-consuming, thus making their sacrifice even more meaningful."

The main objective of SNA is to promote and sustain both the art and science of nursing, Mathers explained.

"Part of the art of nursing is caring," she said. "SNA sponsors several events per year to help others in our community − demonstrating the 'caring art' of nursing. This food-and-clothing drive helps St. Anthony's Center provide for those much less fortunate than us."

Thus far in the Fall 2000 semester, the association has sponsored blood-pressure screenings at the College and in conjunction with the AIDS Resource Alliance. SNA also held a fund-raiser in October to help support the renovation of a house for a quadraplegic patient, so that he could return home to his family. And, the group sponsored a workshop presented in October by Dr. Susan Poorman, a speaker and author on test-taking strategies. That activity supported the science of nursing, Mathers noted.