Another Year, Another Record Penn College Posts Another Enrollment High

Published 09.17.1999

Student News

With classes in full swing for the start of the 1999-2000 school year, Pennsylvania College of Technology continues to realize enrollment of historic heights. At the three-week mark in the fall semester, the traditional time for the official head count, 5,383 full- and part-time students are enrolled in credit classes at Penn College.

That represents an increase of nearly 80 students over the corresponding 1998-99 semester.

"The College had anticipated record enrollments this year and we obviously are delighted," commented Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour, College president. "Beyond each number is a student a prospective addition to Pennsylvania's workforce and a testament to the attractiveness and benefit of our programs."

The continuing popularity of the College's baccalaureate programs is reflected in the figure, as 23 percent of the total student population is enrolled in four-year degree programs.

According to Chester D. Schuman, College admissions director, this year's students hail from all 67 counties of Pennsylvania, from 11 other states and from eight countries. And, apropos a group destined to be among the first graduates of the new century, 15 percent said they got their first glimpse of campus via the Internet.