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With ever-changing tools and technology, preparing tomorrow’s workforce can be a complex undertaking. Thanks to the Corporate Tomorrow Makers program at Penn College, the relationship between industry and education is mutually beneficial. Students get scholarship opportunities and hands-on experience with equipment just like they’ll find in the field. Plus, industry partners get skilled professionals to fill in-demand positions. It’s a win-win for the future.


The Canary System

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The Canary System is designed to help companies maximize the value of their process data. With nearly 20,000 installations in over 65 countries throughout the globe, the Canary System has proven to be a great fit across a wide spectrum of use cases. From large enterprise solutions to small utilities, and everything in between, Canary clients can be found in all major industries. The platform is powerful yet easy to deploy.

Industry Connections

"Canary is pleased to provide software solutions at The Pennsylvania College of Technology that will make it easy for students, faculty, and staff to collect, store, and learn from sensor data. As a Pennsylvania based company, Canary takes pride in supporting the efforts and mission of the School of Engineering Technologies."

Kyle Kensinger

Solutions Consultant


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