President's Message

The people of Williamsport had much to celebrate when a new high school building opened in November 1914. A dedication program spelled out the building's destiny to "contribute to the eternal well-being of all who enter its doors."

The opening of that building – today's Klump Academic Center – marked the opening scene of a story that continues into a new century. From our vantage point, we see how a promise of the past is fulfilled as we serve those who enter the open doors of Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Celebrating the institution's Centennial in 2014 provided an opportunity for us to relive our most important memories, to reminisce and to rekindle old friendships – bringing to mind the adage originated by Welsh composer Joseph Parry: "Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold."

A legacy of leaders: Robert L. Breuder, the college's president from 1981 to 1997; Davie Jane Gilmour, president 1998-present; and William H. Feddersen, president 1974-80. Photo by Cindy Davis Meixel.

As many alumni and former leaders returned to the campus to celebrate the Centennial, we were reminded of how their influence is alive today. As many provided gifts to support our scholarship campaign, we realized how their contributions have shaped – and will continue to shape – the institution's character for years to come.

New friends also joined in the celebration, as we gratefully accepted funds to create 25 new scholarships and 46 new or expanded relationships with industry. Just as we stand strong thanks to our longtime friends of gold, we rise even higher as we nurture new relationships to strengthen our services for the future. As our relationships grow, we are able to offer more and better services to our students – scholarships, access to advanced equipment and technology, field trips, guest lectures, internships – and full-time employment for graduates.


"As we grow, our mission to serve students remains as vital as it was in 1914."


As we grow, our mission to serve students remains as vital as it was in 1914. Following the legacy of Williamsport High School's vocational-technical program, Williamsport Technical Institute and Williamsport Area Community College, Penn College prepares graduates for success, equipping them with "degrees that work."

Throughout the Centennial, as we reflected on our many transitions – changing names, changing leadership and staffing, and expanding from diplomas and certificates to associate and baccalaureate degrees – we celebrated both old and new and held fast to our commitment to our students.

As we close the chapter on our first 100 years, we also write the prologue to the next 100. The challenges we meet today prepare us to overcome the tests of tomorrow. Keeping an eye toward the future and securing the resources we need to respond to emerging workforce needs, we build the foundation for our students' successes in careers we cannot yet imagine.

I invite you to pause a moment with me to reflect on our history, our students and our mission ... and to consider how we can work together to chart a course for our future as a national leader in applied technology education.

Funding 2013-14

  • Operating Budget $104,357,976
  • State Appropriation Same level as prior year$15,584,000
  • Restricted Funds Grants, contracts and restricted donations$15,987,000
  • Auxiliary Funds$27,312,971
Tuition & Fees
Pennsylvania residents
  • Tuition per credit hour$416
  • Tuition and fees per credit hour $498
  • Annual tuition and fees$14,940

based on 15 credits per semester
Increase over prior year: tuition only 4.00 percent
Increase over prior year: tuition and fees 3.97 percent

Out-of-state residents
  • Tuition per credit hour $624
  • Tuition and fees per credit hour$706
  • Annual tuition and fees$21,800

based on 15 credits per semester

Fees include
  • Per-credit-hour technology fee$17
  • Per-credit-hour capital fee$49
  • Per-credit-hour laboratory fee Does not apply to all classes$38
  • Per-credit-hour student activity fee$11
  • Per-credit-hour health service fee$5

Penn College and the Penn College Foundation received in-kind donations of equipment, technology, materials and supplies from business and industry for instructional purposes valued at $1,061,828 and cash donations totaling $2,276,146 for total donations of $3,337,974.