• Eliza CookTheme: "Irish American", Date: Wednesday, March 15
  • Austin OvensTheme: "New England", Date: Wednesday, March 22
  • Dylan TherrienTheme: "Pacific Northwest", Date: Wednesday, March 29
  • Jahyah BarbourTheme: "California Fusion", Date: Wednesday, April 05
  • Nolan LesterTheme: "Southwest", Date: Wednesday, April 12
  • Amaris SmithTheme: "Deep South", Date: Wednesday, April 19

Eliza Cook

  • Hometown: Towanda
  • Theme: "Irish American"
  • Date: Wednesday, March 15

Why she chose to pursue a culinary-arts education: I enjoy taking raw ingredients and transforming them into a welcoming dish.

Culinary inspirations: Our chefs at the college have provided me with inspiration.

Future: Once I gain some experience, I would like to open my own restaurant.

About her menu: We will be serving a lamb and salmon sampler, a choice of smoked haddock or onion cheddar stout soup, pepper slaw or grilled liverwurst salad, and entrees including corned beef, ham-wrapped cod, crusted trout, and lamb stew.

Austin Ovens

  • Hometown: Elizabethtown
  • Theme: "New England"
  • Date: Wednesday, March 22

Why he chose to pursue a culinary-arts education: Making Christmas cookies every year with my grandmother

Culinary inspirations: Two of my first instructors, Chef Tina Arnt and Chef Tara Zhookhoff at Lancaster County Career and Technology Center

Future: I hope to work on a cruise ship for a few years, then work for a catering company.

About his menu: We have a savory appetizer with a creamy chowder or rich stew, followed by a choice of an earthy beet salad or sweet and spicy salad. The meal peaks with a few entrees of lighter meats, including scallops, lobster and veal, chicken, and lamb, paired with rich and tangy sauces. Finished with decadent desserts by our pastry students.

Dylan Therrien

  • Hometown: Reading
  • Theme: "Pacific Northwest"
  • Date: Wednesday, March 29

Why he chose to pursue a culinary-arts education: How much there is to be done in the industry. There are so many options and doorways waiting to be opened.

Culinary inspirations: Chef Rick Tramonto and Chef Charles Niedermyer

Future: I would like to work for Levy Restaurants and cater large, high-volume events all around the United States. Eventually, owning a bakery or restaurant in Seattle, Washington.

About his menu: A few of the selections are squid and Asiago calamari puffs; fermented soy, rice and barley soup with nori mushrooms; fried Tillamook cheese salad from Tillamook County, Oregon; Vietnamese-style braised pork hot pot with a poached egg.

Jahyah Barbour

  • Hometown: Chambersburg
  • Theme: "California Fusion"
  • Date: Wednesday, April 05

Why she chose to pursue a culinary-arts education: I always loved being in the kitchen with my grandmother when she was alive and admired how much joy it brought to her heart.

Culinary inspirations: My grandmother and mom

Future: After I graduate, I plan to move back to D.C. and audition for Step Afrika! (a step dance team) and then work in a restaurant alongside doing that. Hopefully working in a soul food or Italian restaurant.

About her menu: California Fusion items: We have a wonderful virgin Mary cocktail with seafood for the appetizer. Something I feel will be a real crowd pleaser is "mushroom 'cappuccino' soup" because of the name raising questions as to what it is.

Nolan Lester

  • Hometown: Perkiomenville
  • Theme: "Southwest"
  • Date: Wednesday, April 12

Why he chose to pursue a culinary-arts education: I always loved cooking and I wanted to learn more.

Culinary inspirations: There have been many chefs who have inspired me.

Future: I would like to be an executive chef after college.

About his menu: All of the items are inspired by the Southwest. Some of the items on the menu are scallops, halibut, lamb, peanut soup.

Amaris Smith

  • Hometown: Williamsport
  • Theme: "Deep South"
  • Date: Wednesday, April 19

Why she chose to pursue a culinary-arts education: Growing up in the kitchen watching my nana cook and teaching me all the techniques and skills on how to make a great family meal.

Culinary inspirations: Rachael Ray, Chef Autumn, Chef Mandisa, Paula Deen

Future: I would love to find more work in a different area/city to get more experience and to learn more. I would love to work back home in New York because it's always busy, fun and so many ideas to make food.

About her menu: Appetizer: Scallop and braised pork belly. Soups: black-eyed pea and okra soup, peanut soup. Salad: garden and herb salad, pecan ambrosia salad. Entree: chicken saute with Kentucky bourbon sauce; grouper; pork cheeks and grits; duck au poivre.