There is no great meal without great wine.

Le Jeune Chef Restaurant is closed until further notice.

We are committed to continuing to provide a safe, healthy environment for our staff and guests. Follow along on Facebook for details.


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History tells us wine was first made more than five thousand years before the birth of Christ. These early wines, emanating from central Russia, were made from grapes fermented in earthenware buried in the ground. Mother Earth provided the fruit and in simple fashion, crafted the wine. It’s been said that wine is the temperate, civilized, sacred, romantic mealtime beverage. We agree.

Here in Le Jeune Chef, wine is much more than a beverage. We regard wine as an essential accompaniment to fine dining. The Epicurean marriage of wine and food has become an artistic expression and when affected properly, allows you, the consumer, the opportunity to fully experience the pleasure of both food and drink. As you gently swirl the wine in your glass and sip it, note how the fragrance and taste changes with each course of your dinner. Experience the bouquet as the temperature of the wine changes and as air comes in contact with the wine. Always remember, no two bottles of wine are alike … each bottle is an experience in itself.

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Wine Spectator Award of Excellence

Wine Spectator Award of Excellence